Yoga and health by seekein

Yoga and health by seekein

Do you know despite being yoga and pranayama as an ancient method of practice, yoga and health is directly associated with one another?

Yoga and health

Yoga and health by seekein

The term yoga is derived from the word Yog which means to join or unite. It is the ancient discovery which was done a thousand years back by Patanjali the founder of yoga. We were not aware of yoga as the initial thought that clicks in our mind are yoga is a caste-specific practice as in some of the yogic exercises includes Surya Namaskar, some of the Pranayam in which a yogic pronounce om from the inner heart.

During the ancient period, yoga was practiced by some of our baba where they used to hold a samadhi in the Himalayas.

There are many misconceptions in the people’s mind some other include who don’t have an attachment with their families they go vairagya in the forest or in the Himalayas, yoga cannot benefit the inner organs it is merely a physical exercise.

Yoga is a long and time-consuming process and it gives zero results and many more. I will point each and every misconception and show reality.

Discovery of Yoga

The discovery of yoga came into thanks to Baba Ramdev, who has given a new direction. During late 2005 it suddenly began to produce the result. We all have seen or heard about the emergence of yoga in many parts of the country through a long sivir by baba jee.

Not only that Baba jee has done Yog Sivir in many foreign countries like UK, Japan, Dubai and much more parts of the world. Which itself reveals the successful growth in which it is moving.

yoga and health benefits and its origin

Today yoga and Pranayam has changed the whole world and brings people under one roof where there are no differences in terms of colors, caste, gender etc.

Before we move ahead and know about some essential Pranayam which we must practice every day for our complete health and living a disease free life, let’s find out some of the basic rules to practice pranayama so that whatever we practice gives us the maximum benefit as doing it wrong way can do no benefit to our health and we will complain that yoga and Pranayam has no benefit.

Rules of doing Pranayam

  1. Pranayam should be practiced in an empty stomach during the morning time especially early in the morning 5 am to 7 am is the best time to do pranayama.
  2. For doing Pranayam either of these pose like sidhdasan, sukhasan, or padmasan is more beneficial than sitting in a chair or any other way.
  3. It should be done in the open air and in a peaceful environment.
  4. Breathing air and exhaling air should always be done through the nose, as it filters the air and sends the purified form of air to our diaphragm.
  5. Pranayam is done in an empty stomach after a daily routine task like brushing teeth and toilet. If in any case, you cannot practice it ion the morning then practice it in the evening especially 4 to 5 hours after your lunch.
  6. We should feel cherish and practice it in a happy mood, rather than angry, or sadness.
  7. Basically, seven Pranayam is more than enough for the complete transformation of mind, body, and soul to make one disease free.
  8. If you feel fatigue during pranayama take 5 to 6 times deep breath and rest for 2 minutes before moving ahead.
  9. Pregnant women should not practice kapalbati and Agnisaar pranayama, they can through practice other pranayamas like Bhrastika, Anulom-vilom, Bharmri, Udgeeth slowly to give birth to a strong and healthy child.
  10. A person who does Pranayam must follow a healthy nutrition diet like cow milk, fruits, green vegetables, juice, curd etc. As the main objective of pranayama is to make oneself discipline in daily life and be a responsible person towards a family, society and for the nation. Read about healthy food vs junk food.

7 essential pranayam to practice

Though there are various other pranayamas these seven Pranayam is more than enough for any person, whether they are healthy (to maintain good health) or weak (to treat and fight against disease).

  • Bhrastika Pranayam: Sit in any one of the pose sidhasan, sukhasan or padmasan and take a deep breath in so that it fulls your diaphragm with air and slowly and steadily exhale out the air completely. Again repeat the process and do it at least for 2 minutes. To keep a check in whether you are doing it right or wrong it takes approx 2and half second to inhale and the next 2 and half second to exhale, though it can be done in two more ways one is very fast mode and the other is even slower mode, but the ideal one is one stated above. Remember always inhale in the diaphragm and not in the stomach.


  • Kapalbhati Pranayam: In this pranayama, at first you take a deep breath in and after that you only have to exhale as in every second you are exhaling out the air from your body. In kapalbhati, the impact is mainly on your stomach as with every stroke of exhaling your stomach goes narrow.


  • Bahya Pranayam: In bahya pranayama you have to exhale out all the air and touch your chin to your throat.

Do you know doing this pranayama can be an instant mood booster for you?

  • Anulom whilom: Kapalbhati and anulom-whilom are the two pillars of pranayamas doing bhrastika, kapalbhati and anulom-vilom only can make your body healthy. If you have very or no time to do pranayama. In anulom-vilom pranayama first, you have a close your right nose with the right thumb than exhale from your left nose after exhaling you have to inhale from the same nose (left nose). Now open your right nose and exhale and close your left nose this time after exhaling you to inhale from the right nose this is one round in minute exercise. You can do it 20 to 25 times for a complete round of 5 minutes.


  • Bhramri Pranayam: Inhale air completely and close your eyes with the middle finger, concentrate your mind on the agya chakra and then slowly exhale with the sound of your almighty.


  • Udgeeth Pranayam: It is very similar to bhramri pranayama only difference you make sound from your mouth rather than on not focusing on sound like the earlier pranayama as it comes out naturally.


  • Ujayee Pranayam: Inhale air, then touch chin on your throat such that it makes a sound while you exhale.
These are the seven Pranayam, let's know what benefits you will get doing this Pranayam.

Benefits of Pranayam

  1. It demolishes vaat, peet and cough
  2. Your digestive system becomes healthy and saves you from indigestion, gas etc.
  3. Makes heart, diafram and mind disease free
  4. Saves you from fatness, diabetes, colestrol, gas, syness, allergy, migrane, blood pressure, kidney disease, total sexual diasese in men and women
  5. It makes the immune system stronger
  6. Saves you from a heridratary disease of any kind.
  7. Hair fall, white hair, wrinkles in your face, a total eye disease in short it makes your age longer
  8. You feel healthy and cherish mood always, more importantly, you become an optimistic person in your life, who think right thing, do the right thing and become time efficient.
  9. Makes your memory sharper so that whatwever you learn you get get it by heart instantly, yopu cvan fcocus on your work and have a clear vision.
  10. It keeps your weight I check neither you become fat nor thin, you maintain an ideal body weight.
  11. In short, practicing these pranayam there is is no disease on this earth that can’t be cured although in some cases like broken leg you need to do operation and aftyer that pranayam helps in recovering from the disease very fast. All known and un-known diase is cured of pranayam along with some yogic exercise.


Yoga day celebrated on21 June

Today people are smarter enough to choose the best product for them, how can they be wrong in choosing yoga as their lifestyle activity. The government of India and Un council announced 21 June as the Yog day throughout the world, which is a bigger achievement in the field of Yog and Ayurved.

Many foreign companies vanished from the Indian market and some are fighting for their existence. Patanjali directed and run by Baba Ramdev and Acharya balkrisan have launched almost all the products from our daily consumption to life-saving medicine which can cure almost 90%  of disease in the human body.

But to achieve complete heath we cannot be dependant on medicine itself, as the modern aged people want an instant solution and they are not eager to put their effort. There is one simple formula for health or wealth, you have to put some effort to grow rich in both aspect.

Practicing yogic exercise in the form pranayama, along with some yogic exercise gives us an instant solution. Begin your day with just 10 minutes of Pranayam i am sure you see the result instantly just do 2 min bhrastika, 5 min kapalbhati and 5 min anulom wilom. The whole will be yours, with a feel-good factor.

Take away and conclusion

Like wealth, growing process health improvement depends on the right method, if you practice al the three Pranayam in the proper method then surely you will extract the fruit of success, but if you do it the wrong way it will not harm you instead it will not provide you with the positive result either.

In the coming post, i will reveal all the method one by one and their benefits on the heath with the scientific proof. So get set for the adventure ride with me, for the journey called life.

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