In today’s modern world, the focus on the body has started to get more fame, it is not necessarily because the focus is on the actual body of work, but it is more about the health. Statistics show a staggering fact that one in three individuals are overweight, this seems to be the most prevalent issue that roams around the health realm.

And today exactly you will know more about weight loss foods.

Weight loss is one of the most important things that must be done in order to achieve optimal levels of health, many researchers and studies have proven the fact that there is also a huge correlation between fat gain and health deficiency.

One then must keep in mind that they must stay within a relatively low body fat percentage, and what better way to do than to fix our diet.

Weight loss foods diet to reduce fat effectively

This is probably the root cause of all evil; every health journey must start with the way a person eats.

Anyone can do all the exercises, but it all matters in the diet, the most important thing, in this case, is to create a caloric deficit. The fact of the matter is that some people think that there are certain foods or supplements that will make you lose fat, this is extremely wrong.

There is no food that will make you lose fat, the caloric deficit does. It is certain that not all foods are equal in the fat loss spectrum, some foods are better than others, spinach for example much better than fried onion rings.

Nevertheless, you could theoretically eat onion rings and still lose fat, this is what is called as thermodynamics in food, if a person eats 2000 calories, but they are burning 3000 calories, they are in a deficit in their total caloric intake, which means their body is working more than it was given to do so, and it has to compensate for the calories burnt with the fat stores in the body ideally.

The boiled egg diet plan by livin3 is a great way to start; it has all the necessary components for a solid diet plan that will work for short and long term use.


There are some foods and diets that will definitely help you lose fat, they might not actively burn the fat as in acidification, but they will cause your body to work in a way that is effective enough to burn fat.

The reason why fried onion rings are very bad for weight loss is not necessarily because they are going to increase the fat actively, an athlete who burns more than 5000 calories training two times a day will definitely not going to get fat from two fried onion rings of a bag of chips.

Why are fried foods unhealthy

But fired foods, in general, will make your bad very ineffective in burning calories, as it suppresses some fat-burning hormones and makes the digestion slow, thus the metabolism slow. In addition to that, fried foods are very unhealthy for your body, whose mechanisms of fat loss depend on the efficiency of certain hormones.

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The market is flooded with false advertising, they are trying to please every customer, the products portrayed are going to have every element you want, “fat-free”, glutton free” and so on.

But these do not hide the number of calories they have. One must keep that in mind that these products do not necessarily care about their customer’s health, goals, or aspiration, their primary goal is to sell more to more people. So it is important to know which foods are going to aid your weight loss journey:

Foods to eat to lose weight in stomach

• Green leafy vegetables:

Green cruciferous vegetables are basically the best food you can have if you want to lose fat; they are non-starchy vegetables, unlike potatoes. Spinach, curly kale, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, celery, cucumbers, beets, green beans, artichokes, eggplant, onions, mushrooms, and peppers are all great examples of these green leafy vegetables.

They do not only offer the health benefits that come with their value, but they also offer a great value in the hunger pangs that happen a lot of times when someone is deep into their weight loss journey.

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Because they are so light in calories, one cup of kale is just 33 calories, this is great news for those who want to embark in a weight loss journey, by including just two cups of kale which come to 66 calories you will be able to avoid those pang attacks.

Another reason why green leafy vegetables are such a great addition to your diet is the fact that they are versatile, you can include them in your stir dry with turkey and rice, you can add them with eggs and even in your smoothies.

Spinach smoothies are one of the best drinks you can have, but including some strawberries, bananas, almond milk, some whey protein and a handful of spinach, the smoothie will be much thicker, delicious, and you will not even feel the spinach.

• Egg whites:

This is perhaps the best protein source you can have while on a diet, this is pretty much pure protein, you can have eggs whites with pretty much anything, they have no taste, and they taste good if cooked well with some spices.

One cup of egg whites comes to a staggering 26 grams of pure protein, 396.1 mg of Potassium, no grams of fat, and no carbohydrates.

This is exactly why a boiled egg diet plan by livin3 works so well, so many people go wrong thinking that eggs are not helpful in fat loss, but the result is that people lose up to dozens of pounds within the first two weeks.

• Lean beef and chicken breast:

The amounts of protein in these foods are what makes people come back to them, you can cook lean beef and chicken breast in a variety of ways. You can make it into a sandwich with whole wheat bread, or in a stir fry with some vegetables and egg white.

• Some fruits and berries:

The reason why not all fruits are going to be included in the list is because of the fact that they do contain a high amount of sugar, so they are mostly kept to a minimum and mostly after workouts to replenish the glycogen stores in the muscle.

But berries are a great food you can have in your diet, blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries are a great antioxidant, and they do aid in fat loss.

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• Seafood:

It is a fact that seafood is a great choice for those who want to enjoy their meals and still lose fat, salmon, and tuna steaks are the best option you can opt for, because of the omegas they have in the fat.

It makes them the best sources of protein for many, they also contain cancer-fighting properties and a lot of other health-enhancing elements. Shrimp can also be considered as a great meal addition to the list, a tuna steak, asparagus sticks, and some shrimp are a great meal.


Fat loss is the goal in mind of so many people, and it is through the right nutrition that one can achieve it, once you know how to lose fat, doing it again is going to be easier than ever before, especially if you follow a certain diet and know the foods that work well for you.


Share your thought on your favorite food to lose weight.