Stay fit to keep your brain young by seekein

Stay fit to keep your brain young by seekein

Stay fit to keep your brain young

Stay fit to keep your brain young by seekein

10 minute of regular exercise can do a lot than our imagination, apart from feel-good factor to active secretion of the good hormone in the body. Keeping the brain young and healthy brain has lately been the hot topic on the internet, due to some life threating disease like a migraine, Alzheimer, depression and many more. If it is not handled properly in its initial stage then it can be life threatening also. In a recent survey, it has been found that the person over the age of 40 is more likely to be attacked by these diseases.


Though lately, these have been many medicines to care this problem, but the truth is actually there is no modern medicine which can cure it completely . 

On the other hand exercise can keep your brain healthy like your physical body and young age. scientific evidence has proved it that a 10 minute of regular exercise secrets endorphin which is a good hormone for the brain. The report further revealed that the older people who were suffering from Alzhimer, took memory and other mental tests to check their brain function, and used Vo2 max rating to check their fitness level . Particeponts have also gone through brain maping , the nerve cell in the brain , the communication between the different parts of the brain , memory power to remember the thing related to their past story .

After the examination it has been found that the people who were regularly participating in exercise were far more active in their brain function.  Not only their other organs were performing well, but also theire brain cell was also functioning smoothly . They remembered the old story, any incidence that occurred in there past and more importantly, they were in a happy state of mind . On the other hand, their counterpart looks gloomy and dull not only they found hard to remember the thing but also they developed a negative feeling in their mind, about the life.

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Mental fitness is equally important as physical fitness

 Today we can see the people around that they can not handle their emotional level and very easily commit suicide. The age is no barrier in doing so, students, commit due to their failure in exam, young people commit due to their job loss and there are many more incidences in this regards, The number goes on daily.  Our brain is the supreme in our body whatever we do its the decision of our brain sign of brain young.

  If our brain is healthy and active then it will function properly and allow us to do the right thing, we consider it or not but the truth is mental health is supreme than the physical health. As it is the decision maker, If we handle our mental state properly by regular exercise than there can be no room for the disease like Alzheimer, migraine, depression to enter in our body. Memory loss is the other trope of disease which is growing nowadays. So get set and do regular exercise, eat healthy food rest will be fine for you.


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