Pranayama benefits on health by seekein

Pranayama benefits on health by seekein

Pranayama benefits on health

Extending from the previous post of yoga pranayama and its misconception. Let’s find out some of the basic of yoga. As in the case of a machine, there are hardware and software, both of them have their own specialty where hardware consists of the physical component which is tangible in nature, the software is an intangible part which cannot be touched but exists and its role is very important in the machine. The software is called the backbone of any system without it no system can perform. Likewise in a human body, there is also hardware and software. The hardware consists of the outer part of the body which can be touched, but the software consists of the inner organ which we cannot see.

Different parts of yoga

Yoga can be categorized into two parts one is pranayama and the other yogic exercise known as asanas. Both have different function and their specification is also different. Basically, there are 8 types of pranayama 1. Bhrastika 2. Kapalbhati 3. Bahia 4. Agnisar 5. Ujjayee 6. Anulom whilom 7. Bhramri 8. Udgeeth. Stating the 8 pranayamas there is some other supportive pranayama also. In today’s hectic life we don’t have enough time to practice all the 8 pranayamas. So we bring you the package of the three most important one which every individual must follow their holistic wellness.

I promise if you follow these three pranayamas your 80% problem will be solved. Your blood pressure, sugar, heart problems, liver, kidney and all the other body parts will function properly. You will achieve complete health and most importantly you will not die of disease and live a complete life. According to research, 80%  of humans die because of disease. So let’s jump into it one by one.

1. Bhrastika

Its a breathing exercise where we take a deep breath and slowly and slowly exhale. Again and a=gain the process goes on for around 24 times. When we breathe we have to take a deep breath into our Diaphram. The simple trick to do so if you have to take a breath in 21/2 second and exhale out exactly in the same time period. Which are 12 times in one-minute exercise and 24 times in two-minute exercise?

2. Kapalbhati

In kapalbhati, we to continue to inhale and exhale. The process of doing so, we have to inhale and exhale in one second. Which means in one minute 60 times and in five minutes 300 times which is more than enough for the normal or simple disease. But for the person who is suffering from a deadly disease, they have to practice about half an hour for complete cure.

3. Anulom whilom

In anulom whilom we have to start from the right nose, means we have to shut our left nose with left thumb then inhale from the right nose, once we completely inhale we have4 to exhale from the left nose, then close the right nose and inhale from the left nose and exhale out, from the right one. This is one round we have to do it 20 to 24 times in 5-minute exercise. For better health, we have to bhrastika 2 minutes, Kapal Bhati 5 minutes and anulom whilom 5 minutes.

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