People Suffering from chronic pain try Tai Chi – seekein

People Suffering from chronic pain try Tai Chi – seekein

Are you suffering from chronic pain? then you are in the right place. In the latest news update, a new study shows how Tai Chi for back pain can be very helpful in chronic pain, explaining that the ancient martial art form is very good and even better than various other aerobic exercises for overcoming chronic pain in the human body.

Tai Chi has its existence and practices for over more than 1,000 years, is the combination of deep breathing along with the slow gentle movement of the body. It is suitable for people who are physically more active as they have flexibility in their body.

More about Tai Chi for back pain

Tai Chi is originated in China and it is one of the most effective exercises for mind-body health. Though it is an act of great devotion and needs knowledge and skill to master it, it can easily be learned if one is determined enough to know.

It is a practice as a lifelong period journey and the art of living among the Chinese people, according to their belief. There are different forms of Tai Chi, but the common one is chin, yang, wu, wu (known as different words in Chinese). Every form has its own benefits, but all the style have one common principle to follow.

The working principle of Tai Chi

The important principle of Tai Chi form is an integration/connection with the body and mind, it controls the movement of breathing, it generates internal energy, mind full of positive energy, happy mood. The main purpose of the exercise is to cultivate the energy of life with the smooth flow of energy throughout the body parts.

Total benefits of the inner and outer body come when there is the transformation with the two, and it empowered by the practice of Tai Chi to make so happen. Tai Chi is spreading its popularity all over the world with its amazing benefits to health.

The effect of chronic disease impacts on our overall health

Fibromyalgia affects nearly 2.4 percent of the young people all over the world, it is a long-term condition which causes pain throughout the body.

It can also lead to extreme tiredness, difficulty in sleeping, stiffness in the muscles in muscles along with depression. Although aerobic exercise is suggested, in the present scenario as it is the standard treatment. But most of the person finds it difficult to practice because of the fluctuation in the symptoms and trouble in movement.

The analysts have uncovered that it expels constant pain and enhances the physical and emotional well-being of the individual by mitigating fibromyalgia. More examination needs, in this case, to come to any final conclusion.

In order to explore, a team of US researcher thought to compare the benefits of Tai Chi with the aerobic exercise and to test whether it depends on the frequency or it depends on the duration.

They examined 225 adults with fibromyalgia symptoms, who did not participate in Tai Chi or any other similar type of complementary exercise during the last six month.

tai chi for back pain

A team from the US decided to find the benefits

The average age of the participants was 50 years, among which 90 percent are women and 60 percent are men, and the average duration of the body pain was 10 years and most of the cases were chronic.

Beginning of the experimentation, people have gone through the fibromyalgia impact questionnaire (FIQR) that consist of physical and psychological consisting expression of pain, pain intensity, physical function, fat of person, depression, anxiety and overall well-being of the person.

Members are allocated to either supervise aerobic exercise twice a week for 24 weeks or one from four types of Tai Chi exercise for about 12 or 24 weeks supervised Tai Chi to complete once or twice weekly.

Changes in symptoms score were monitored in 12, 24 and 52 weeks and participants are able to continue their routine consumption of drugs along with the usual visits to their physicians in the period of research.

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Improvement start showing and differ from group to group

FIQR level enhanced in all the five gatherings with every recovery, except the Tai Chi enhanced at a quicker rate.

Moving ahead those persons who received Tai Chi for 24 weeks have more improvement than those group of people who received it for 12 weeks, but there was no significant increase in the benefit for those who received Tai Chi weekly compared with once a week.

Tai chi vs Yoga

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More so the effects of Tai Chi were consistent in all instructors and no serious adverse events associated with the intervention were reported in the trial. The result also remained; largely unchanged after the further analysis to test the strength of the case.

The researcher tough points out to various study limitation issues. For example, participants are aware of their treatment groups assignment, and also the attendance differed in the two treatment groups, both of them would have influenced the results. However, major strength includes the large and diverse sample and longer follow-up than the previous study.


It is overall good for chronic pain and is the best method to practice in comparison with aerobic exercise.

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