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Are you suffering from obesity? Do you want to know how to overcome it, and what is the diet to get in shape? Every year about 3.4 million people die due to obesity and overweight. It’s not a just single disease!but a group of disease, if not treated early, can damage our overall health and leads to numerous health problem.



Obesity is the condition of excessive body fat

An overweight person is more at risk of diagnosing diabetes, cardiovascular disease. stroke and cancer.

Today we are living in the world where there are numerous of advantages of technology, besides we have access to better technology, adance network system, community, and infrastructure everything taking us one step ahead towards progress except our health.

Our health has become more prone to some new disease, the disease which we never heard of becomes a part of our life due to the modern lifestyle to be included in the cause of obesity.

Some two decades back no one knew about flab, but now it is becoming one of the most challenging tasks for the medical department and a cause of concern all over the globe. In the year 2014, more than 1.9 billion youths were overweight among them 13 percent of the total population were obese.

Nearly 3.5 million people every year die because of overweight and corpulence. The numbers are increasing with every passing year. Podginess is the condition in which there is excessive body fat that increases the risk of various health problem.

The problem is not overweight alone, but obesity brings in diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, stroke and many more known and unknown disease.

Causes of Obesity in the person

Obesity is the complex scenario which happens due to different reasons, sometimes any prevailing disorders in the body can result in excessive body fat. While in most of the cases it is caused by poor dietary and sedentary lifestyle. Some of the major causes of flab are:

1.Genetic: It is very often that obese parents usually give birth to an obese child in comparison to the lean parent who usually gives birth to lean child. The genes of parents are transferred from parents to the child and it is considered to be one of the reasons among many for overweight.

2.Junk food and fast food: Junk food and fast food is becoming very among the youth, and it is the prime reason for obesity among the youth according to the data. Junk food like pizza, burglar, pasta, crispy fries, noodles affects not only in overweight but also it brings heart disease and cancer which is caused by the consumption of junk food.

Junk food is highly processed made with highly refined oil should be avoided as it increases the sugar level and cholesterol in the body.

3.The side effect of medicine: It can be caused because of side effect of the medicine. Most of the diabetic patient becomes prone to overweight and obesity after taking medicine. It is common belief that most of the diabetic patients either become lean and thin or becomes obese after diabetes.

4.Hormonal imbalance: Hormonal imbalance is another cause of podginess as Leptin hormone produce a fat cell, sends signals to the hypothalamus (part of the brain that controls the food intake in the body) that one is full and should stop eating.

The signal is broken because of hormonal imbalance so it enables a person to eat more and becomes overweight in the end.

Diet for the Obesity person

A healthy and balanced diet is very important for the overweight person to avoid obesity apart from following a healthy lifestyle. According to the nutrition expert, it is all about following healthy lifestyle then everything will become alright.

To overcome obesity the person must start using protein and fiber in the diet.

During the process of weight loss or weight deduction, we must take good fat and always avoid bad fat. The fat comes from junk food is known as bad fat, stay away from the unnatural sugar intake in the body.

Along with good diet, one must be ready for the physical and psychological change. A good diet along with fitness exercise is very important to reduce obesity. In the diet, one must definitely use trans fat, to begin with, and make a diet chart with the help of neurologist expert.

Some of the diet chart shared by the neurologist expert is included below.

Morning: In the morning, breakfast is the most important aspect to decrease the fat level and treat the person suffering from corpulence. In the breakfast, you can have a pudina chatni sandwich made of whole wheat bread to start your day. Apart from this, a bowl of fresh fruits along with the pudina chatni and wheat bread is good for the treatment of podginess.

Afternoon: During the lunch, one could use simply chapati, a bowl of seasonal vegetables along with dal which is a rich source of protein to be used for the obese people. Protein is essential not only for weight loss but it also repairs our muscles.

Though protein takes some time to digest so to eat something unwanted every now and then is also minimized, and we get a rich source of healthy diet.

Evening: In the evening time, one can use antioxidant food with a cup of sugar-free tea or less intake of sugar tea. You can also use rich in fiber wheat biscuit. Always stay away from sugar biscuit and cookies.

Dinner: In the dinner, we can have chapati, along with the vegetables and dal accompanied by salad. The salad is essential food to be included in the diet to treat obesity. Salad can be used in the morning also like cucumber which is very good for the diabetes patient.


All the steps are just one step towards the healthy lifestyle. A healthy diet along with adequate exercises like jogging, Yoga or any other weight loss exercise is very important for curing obesity. Food alone can’t bring in change it must be accompanied by exercise for the best possible result.

sedentary lifestyle should be avoided immediately. A healthy lifestyle should be followed, where one is more physically alert and agile. Most of the causes of flab are related to our lifestyle, change your lifestyle, be active, have healthy food and practice exercise brings the healthy person to you.


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