The kitchen chimney can be a piece of cluttered furniture, but it helps keep your kitchen clean. Excellent design for inhaling and exhaling smoky air provides a pollution-free shelter inside your home.

In this post, we will cover about How to Use a Kitchen Chimney & how much electricity a kitchen chimney uses.

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Oils and odors from the kitchen can make it difficult to breathe and stay, but using a reliable kitchen chimney will work effectively, and it has many benefits. The kitchen chimney helps keep the kitchen stable and healthy for you and the rest of your family. It makes your cooking time enjoyable for you.

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How To Use A Kitchen Chimney?

Nevertheless, the exact approach to using the kitchen chimney plays an influential role. Kitchen Chimneys do not need much care, some people think, but this is not the case.

There are some significant aspects that you should consider using the chimney flawlessly. There are some, indispensable tips, How to use a chimney properly.

1 Consider the height of the chimney

The stove in the kitchen is placed in an ideal position and at a height where you can comfortably look in the cooking utensils and access the ingredients and discern the food comfortably. If the kitchen chimney is imminent to the cooking range or stove, it will easily get dirty, and the vapor oils can catch fire.

Forechoose to place your chimney at least at the height of 25 to 35 inches from your stovetop. It is the best suitable height for the kitchen chimney installation that you should consider for safe use.

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2 Remove synthetic plastic coating

Synthetic layers of plastic are installed on kitchen chimneys to avoid scratches during product preparation and delivery. This synthetic coating is made of shoddy quality stuff and can catch flames instantly.

To avoid any risk, remove the plastic coatings and can double-check things connected to the chimney. It will protect you from unwanted problems in the future.

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3 Company’s Instructional guide

Most people did not notice and throw away the guide and don’t consider it necessary to check the safety features. It can lead to operational problems. You may be relying on the chimney to work efficiently but, there are many other things to know related to new innovative features. By learning the instructions guide, you will get used to it easily.

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4 Cleaning the filters of the chimney

People are well aware of the importance of regular use of chimneys in their kitchens, but they neglect to clean the chimney filters that can cause instability. The kitchen chimney is not working effectively, and you may face some problems and make a big difference.

For the flawless performance of your kitchen chimney, you have to clean it frequently. The age and compatibility of your kitchen chimney increase by this.

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5 Divulged flames are a threat

When cooking with oil, try to avoid high flames. When you are cooking something in an extensive fire, it can cause more fire and burns. The simplest way to avoid this situation is to avoid cooking with open flames.

Nowadays kitchen chimneys are as necessary as the other kitchen appliances, without them your kitchen is incomplete. A kitchen chimney is a valuable item of the kitchen, with many benefits incorporated with it.

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How much electricity a kitchen chimney uses

How to Use a Kitchen Chimney & how much electricity a kitchen chimney uses 1

The use of kitchen chimneys consumes more electricity. And as a result, there are noticeable electricity bills that make buyers think again about buying it.

Nevertheless, power usage relies on your motor and routine. If you infrequently utilize it, you don’t have to worry about high electricity bills, and if you use it regularly, you require to revise your budget. The same thing applies to motor facilities.

If you can handle these issues, you must go for a chimney in your kitchen because the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

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Just make sure you go for a notable change in your kitchen. Because this sleek and beautiful-looking kitchen chimney never looks attractive in an old and ugly kitchen. And if you are still unsure if you have a kitchen fireplace, then go to a demo of any brand.

Now, you know all about kitchen chimneys, and the question is, How much electricity does a Kitchen chimney consume? Kitchen chimneys are running to provide great use with low power consumption. There is a small motor that provides great suction with its efficient use.

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Most kitchen chimneys are adorned with comparable motors for domestic use, but if you are looking at a restaurant kitchen chimney, the motor may differ.

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Electricity consumption for home

You can cook your food almost within an hour, and if you are going to cook two times a day, it will take two hours daily. So you are going to use the kitchen chimney two hours per day. However, the motor rests down but, it starts working when it catches smoke.

Most people do not turn on the kitchen chimney from the start of cooking. Usually, people turn the electricity on when they feel some smell or smoke in the kitchen. If you calculate two hours of daily use in a year, it will be approximately 146 units. It costs you less than ₹ 2000 in India. 

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Electricity consumption for commercial use

In commercial use, chimneys are utilized most frequently, approximately about 8 to 9 hours per day. The motors used in commercial chimneys are more powerful and power seeker than in domestic kitchen chimneys.

The commercial chimneys are furnished with more than one power motor, and the electricity rates for commercial use are higher than household use. The electricity consumption, on the whole, is about 1200 to 1300 units which may cost a restaurant owner approximately ₹ 12000 in India.

It is not an accurate figure; it may vary because many other smart features are incorporated with modern kitchen chimneys like; LED lamps, auto on/off, suction power levels, motors capacity, etc.

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These features may add up to the consumption of electricity but not so much. The best thing is that modern chimneys are introduced with energy-saving features.

The kitchen chimney is simple and easy to use, knowing some safety features will result in impeccable and efficient use for years. It helps you to keep your kitchen clean and sound. It is also best to enjoy while you are cooking and avoid a bad smell.

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It keeps the environment of the entire house pleasant and healthy. Though it has some drawbacks yet it is favorable for you. It’s totally up to you that you want to buy it or not. 

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