You are here because you want to improve your health and want to know how to get into yoga so that it gives you maximum benefit not only in terms of physical wellbeing but also on mental calmness and peaceful life.

Recently you have must have noticed that people across all the ages are going health conscious and want to take care of their health and are more serious than ever before, can you tell me why.

Simply reason you and I have seen people dying in front of us of Cronovirus the global pandemic that has destroyed every possible group of people in the society.

Doctors and WHO have conformed those who have a strong immune system are least affected, and if in any case they are affected then chances of recovering are way higher than those who have a weak immune system and especially women, old people, right?

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How to get into yoga

No matter whatever reason you have to start yoga and live a healthy life, believe me, Yoga change your life altogether.

I am the living example in front of you, when I started yoga for the first I was having a similar question as you have.

Whether yoga is really helpful for my body?

I am too old to do yoga and asanas.

Can I lose weight through yoga etc….

Start with an open mind and acceptance

Before you even get into yoga you must accept from your heart whatever you do like “Pranayam”, ‘Asanas”, “Surya Namaskar” the aim of all these exercises to connect your outer world with your inner world.

Yoga is the art of uniting, uniting in all aspects of life.

The way one achieves samadhi and known by the world Mahatma this state comes by immense practise, I am not asking to become Mahatma.

If you believe in your mind so it’s possible in reality and this can be done by practising, pranayam, dhyan, yogic exercise.

Step aside expectancy

The moment you start doing yoga you at times overdo seeing someone other from videos, pictures remember never stress your body in the beginning because, in the beginning, your body is stiff you may hurt yourself if you just follow other blindly and want to be perfect in terms of doing either pranayam or exercise.

You will improve with constant practice over a period of time.

Give yourself some time you will notice that you are able to rotate or do tough exercises like a kid as easy.

The basic rule starts with basic exercise before moving to a complex one.

Fell your breath

As you sit down in a calm compose manner either in the morning or in the evening to do yoga, keep your focus on the breath as you breathe in or exhale out.

Never ever focus on unimportant things, you are doing yoga to improve your overall health so how it can be possible if you are having focus somewhere else and later complain Ahhh God this Yoga is not for me.

It just doesn’t help, but the truth is it helps only this “focus”.

You must have heard the famous quote “where the focus goes energy flows”.

Get comfortable with stillness

The day and age we are living everything are automated from start to finish and we are so dependant on machines and equipment that we believe who hell want to sit in a calm and compose manner when everything is flying.

We are so desperate for results that we simply don’t want to do it, and mastering yoga is not a peace of cakewalk for us.

We have to bring discipline in your life before seeing the result that we desire to accomplish.

Start class or practice with community

The best way to learn and grow and make constant by joining yoga classes near you, or online class, or some community around your neighbour and start doing with them.

This is the fastest route to learn, relearn make mistake and next time you have someone to look up for who can guide you.

I also started the same way as in the beginning I was not sure whether the yoga that I am doing is it the right way of doing it or I am doing the wrong way, after the class in the community I gain the confidence of practise it with authority.



How often to do yoga

Yoga is simply amazing for someone who practises it in a routine manner, like any other exercise you need to practise yoga at least for 20 to 30 minutes daily to keep yourself inflow.

If you do it not so frequently your body will not get in that zone and you feel boring and hardly see any result.

As you wake up in the morning first thing after refreshing, sit in a calm and open place and start doing pranayam soon you will realize that when you don’t for any reason on the specific day your energy level goes and you become less productive that day.

This is a proven fact that I have noticed on my body.

How many calories burned in yoga

Total Calories60 MinutesTotal Calories: 90 Minutes
Hatha (Gentle) Yoga190 cal.285 cal.
Vinyasa Flow or Power Yoga595 cal.890 cal.
Hot Hatha or Bikram480 cal.720 cal.
Hot Power Yoga625 cal.925 cal.

What types of yoga burns most calories?

Vinyasa Yoga:

Vinyasa yoga burns the highest amount of calories in comparison to any other form of yoga. This is simply because Vinyasa is ultimately a full-body workout that increases heat, focus and cardiovascular endurance, through rapid and continuous movement.


How often should I do yoga to see results

If you want to see result faster than practise pranayam daily for inner peace so that you can easily take care of your mind and body. Apart from it, intense exercise is helpful for your muscle and you can attain improve strength, flexibility and concertation with 2 and 2 and half hour of sessions each week.

How long to hold yoga poses

There are no set rules on yoga that you need to hold yoga pose however for the simple yogic exercise you can hold for 5 to to 10 breath and for advance and complex yogic exercise, it is advisable to hold for 2 to 3 breath.

What is the purpose of yoga

The purpose of yoga is to align your mind and body so that you can move with prosperity and happiness in your life it gives life the right direction, these principles were taught by gurus thousand years ago and it is still applicable and will remain available until the life exists.

How yoga changes your body

Yoga has the potential to recover from every known and unknown disease, you can easily lose weight by increasing your kapalbhati pranayam, along with some yogic exercise.

Similarly, if you are underweight you can easily put on weight by balancing your yogic exercise.

Yoga brings balance in your life, it neither increases weight for the overweight person nor decreases weight for the thin person.

It gives their physique perfect shape and ideal shelf.



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How do I start doing yoga at home?

You can easily learn yoga all by yourself simply by doing simple yogic exercise and pranayam, however for the complex one you need to join some community.

How often should a beginner do yoga?

2o to 30 minutes daily if you want to see the result fast in your favour.

Can you lose weight by doing yoga?

Yes, you can lose as much weight as you wish, simply you have to be consistent.

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