How to control hair fall by seekein

How to control hair fall by seekein

How to control hair fall

How to control hair fall by seekein

Hair fall is a common problem which is found among 6 out of 10 people. Though there are lots of medicine for the hair fall and people even goes for hair transplant. It is not that worry some for men but if women suffer from hair fall then there something which we have to diagnose and fond out the solution for the same. There are various causes of hair loss like chemical elements in shampoo, excessive stress, hectic lifestyle, competition, long-term illness and many other factors are these for the same. some very common are hormonal imbalance, thyroid problem, hair style products, genetic are common. However, it can be controlled to a certain extent if we follow the steps.

1 ] Diet and exercise –

You need to have protein in your diet like egg, fish, soybean, and iron as well. We should be very careful in eating because what we eat has a direct impact on our has scalp. Some exercise which can be beneficial in these case is pranayama and medication.

[2 ] Nurturing the hair with proper oil;

Nurturing the hair with proper oil which suits the scalp of the hair once every week can improve the blood flow in the head and nurtures the root of the hair.

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[3 ] Choosing the right shampoo

It is very important to choose the right type of shampoo for you according to your scalp. Over washing with the shampoo can end it to dry up the scalp and will further lead to hair loss. Before choosing the shampoo to see if they are chemical free choose the chemical free shampoo.

[4] Putting egg mask –

Egg is the rich source of sulphur, phosphorous, selenium, iodine, zinc and protein which helps in improving the hair growth and controlling the hair fall . just take an egg one teaspoon of olive oil along with honey , apply it in the hair with a gentle massage for around 20 minutes then wash your hair with normal water .

[ 5] Green tea 

Green tea is the rich source of antioxidant which helps in boosting the hair growth and preventing the hair fall. take two tea bags in one cup of warm water mix it nicely when the water is normal then apply its gentle massage. wash your hair after 1 hour. Remember the water must cool down before applying in the hair. Green tea benefits read the post

6 Use aloe vera

Alovera is one of the few herbs which is not only beneficial for our overall health but also it is equally important for the hair growth. Take out the pulp of aloe vera apply it gently on the hair leave it for half an hour then wash out your hair with normal water. It makes the hair shiny and the root of the hair strong.

7. Amla

It is believed that that Amla is the source of vitamin c which is very beneficial for the human hair fall. It cures the vitamin c problem in which is one of the major cause of hair fall. Ther are a various form of amla you can use and apply it to the hair, consume amla in the empty stomach, and even can consume amla juice for regular and long-term benefits.

8.  Eat Guavas

Guava has the rich content of silica. Silica is very important for the strength of the hair, whereas we believe that only oranger and lemon are the rich source of vitamin C but guava is also the rich source of vitamin c which is an essential part for the hair growth. It can be used regularly in the diet for the long-term benefit, we may not rely completely on any specific food, in fact, look out the problem that includes all the necessary element in our diet.

This is the best method to control hair fall and have long and beautiful hair naturally. Though food plays a very important role in making the root of the hair stronger. Have this food in your diet for the best possible result.


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