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how to care baby


How to care baby by seekein

How to care baby tells everything in consideration that we parents need while handling our child properly.

Every child is the gift of God, they are the mirror image of God. Every parent loses all their tension and

workload and feels relaxed When they find their little one cherish and play with them how to care baby explains about the same. We all love our little

ones and don’t we, they are the source of our happiness. They keep the environment around us busy with their activity. But what if our these little ones don’t laugh, move or become sick. Our smile turns to sorrow and

we become so tensed they we look for the solution so they we can see our little one laughing,

cherishing the way they used to be.

When we look our little one especially the child under the age of 2 years we notice they’re each and

every activity very closely as we are very curious to find out what will be their next step for example

first, they can’t even shift their body part slowly and slowly we notice that they move their body part

like hands and leg up and down, body parts upward and downward especially their lower body part,

continue paddle their leg as if they are running on a trade mill.

Likewise many activities we can notice when they become sick they just can’t move their body part

and become physically so weak they cant move their body either. I too have a little one in the form

of a baby girl she is my niece and the reason for my happiness.  So noticed her each and every

activity closely. What I figured out found some useful tips to care for your little one. As a parent,

I can understand your pain of your little one is not well as I am also a parent. I recommend

you to follow my way and be very cautious about your little until they are up to 2 years.


1 Avoid your baby to being dehydrated

Fever and sickness in the baby can result in the dehydration of the body. A few days earlier my niece

was down with fever initially what I thought that it’s just a seasonal change which will get down over

the period but What I noticed was just a reverse of it. My niece continues to get weaker weekers thee

common problem What I noticed urination after every half hour and also mucus and greenish wastage

comes out throw later.

I was very tensed and don’t know what to do as I immediately consult my child especially she asked me

what type of food the mother of child consuming, my sister explained her about the food which is

consumed over the last three days before the baby getting sick . some of them are capsicum,

and roasted food which she ate was my a  cause of the baby suffering from fever, as she was

completely dependant on the milk of her mother.

The direct impact occurs in the body of the child Whatever her mother consuming the baby who

use to breastfeed. It is believed that mother breastfeeding is very important during the first six months

of a child if she consumes anything spicy than it will have a direct influence on the health of the baby.

quickly asked her to have a azwaine used for the detoxifying the body.

she consumed one teaspoon , along with the baby what I noticed that my little niece is recovering

and behaving as a normal kid, thanks to the timely and proper solution . on the other hand doctor

used to suggest milk powder for the problem like Pedialyte for the dehydration if the child continues

to face the dehydration and weakness consult your doctor for having them.


 2.  Diagnose the body sickness 

We usually check or come to any conclusion when our little one body suffers from cold, cough,

sneeze normally than the usual. we wonder if the problem is normal my baby is sick because

the first step in taking care of your little one is identifying the problem and go for the treatment

immediately. We usually come to the conclusion about our child whether is sick or fine by the body


Thermometers help us examining the body temperature of the baby. According to more

than 100 .4 degree Fahrenheit is considered to be the symbol of fever. They are lots of thermometers

to get the exact value because of the thermometer does not give the exact result be very choosy while

selecting the thermometer as long reading of the body treatment can result in wrong diagnoses

and untimely consumption of medicine when can have a very bad effect on the child, be very careful

while choosing the thermometer.

However, a proper treatment at the right time will lead to a favorable condition and help our body

to recover quickly. If we find our baby is suffering from fever consult your family doctor immediately

and follow the directions and always look for the proper alternative.


3.  Make your baby feel the proper air

Though many of the little ones suffer from the breathing discomfort and sleep with an open mouth.

Have you ever noticed What your little one is sleeping like that, it is not a normal sign?

The main reason can be a genetic problem, dump atmosphere in which the baby is living.

Give your baby proper air intake give her fresh oxygen in the morning and the evening.

So people even used snoring problem which is evident in my case.

Ther problem mainly occurs when your baby is down with cold and cough although these are

many humidifiers that help the baby to breath with ease and recover from the problem

Feed your baby with proper air purifier as the air is not pure these days.

on a daily basis wash the body part of your baby with warm water along with dettol as our baby comes

along with lots of bacteria in the environment protect them with proper care and body lotion plays a

very important role in doing so.

also read about Good health habits to stay healthy


4. Have proper baby soap and body lotion

Our little ones come across with lots of bacteria from the environment, so we need need to be very

sure that our baby does not come across with bacteria and germs. Bacteria and germs are the direct

enemies of our child. We all come across different types of people in our daily life and also many of us

use to play with their child even while they are eating food what I want to say that its natural thing in

baby that they use their little finger and have them in their mouth means the direct invitation to bacteria

and germs in the body.

We have to avoid as much as we can by proper soap and daily wash the hand of our little ones with dettol.

We have to be very careful as germs are found everywhere and in every activity. We also need someone

to look after our baby every time, if we do it ourselves as a mother than we are sure about  everything

if not then someone whom you trust completely and see whether they are dirt free are they taking

care proper care of their body and washing the hand before and after the bathroom with dettol.

Our own laziness can lead to a severe problem. Go for the antiseptic cream for the baby skin to make it soft.

Whoever comes to our house and hold our baby make sure they are dirt and germ-free.


Busy mother does not bother and hold their baby without washing their hand its okay

as they have the emotional attachment towards the baby but make sure you don’t come

across the body part like hand or finger of the baby, as many baby babies have their little

finger in the mouth whatever germs and bacteria in our hand is easily transferred

like this to our child. Avoid such condition to take place and always be safe. 


5. Treat the skin of your baby gently

Well, this I can explain more effectively because when my little niece was down with fever

and dysentery problem. She used to continue loose urination after half an hour, her mother

and other family members do not check her regularly before which resulted in rashes

on her private body parts. Which I came across when I saw her body part as before that she was

continuing crying whenever she was hungry or after the urination, but none of noticed it.

When I noticed the problem then after every half an hour I used to check her cloth whether it’s okay

or is it wet. If they are wet then immediately I used to remove her wet cloth. Which I wonder if done

in the past couple of days and even before that then things would be slightly better. Do check your

little one time after time and if they are wet immediately remove her cloth otherwise they will come

across cold very easily and also results in rashes also.


The important thing to do

My little niece is my baby friend whom I admire a lot and even she used to admire me a lot.

I wonder the life of the child is so beautiful that we immediately forget all our worries when we

play with our little ones. You too would be feeling the same what I am feeling.

Taking proper care of the baby is very important, unless they are able to speak at least then we can

figure out that what exactly they are facing or if there is any problem, they can at least speak about it.

Before that, we have to do everything on our own. Out baby gives us the signal in many ways it is totally

up to us how we react to their signal. If we are parents then we can easily find out the problem and have

proper solution otherwise not. So take care of your little one nicely. And if you have any question then

feel free to ask and comment below how do you like it.

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