Healthy food part 2 by seekein

Healthy food part 2 by seekein 1

Healthy food part 2 by seekein

Continuing the from the previous post where we stared the top 5 healthy food of the top 10 food item for health and fitness and disease free life. We bring you the next 5 food to have in your diet for the complete development and bringing the holistic wellness in the human body.

6. Green vegetables

Green vegetables like cabbage, spinach, and other leafy vegetables reduce the chance of developing diabetes. It has got tremendous benefits on our health. Having green vegetables in our diet improves the blood cell, cures the metabolism in the body. The intake of seasonal green vegetables can improve the overall health. It is the rich source of vitamins like A, B-6, C, E and K, and also rich in phosphorous, zinc, calcium, iron, folic acid. Which altogether has got complete benefits for the human body.

7. Carrot

Carrot is the rich source of vitamin K. It is one of the most popular roots, the carrot is extreme crunchy with rich nutrients value like fiber. Carrot has got amazing benefits to our health one of the most common benefit it improves our eye sight. We can include carrot in our salad for more benefits. The most important thing associated with carrot is a raw carrot is more beneficial than the cooked one.

8. Garlic

It is one of the most common herbs which every house hold have in their kitchen. It is the rich source of allicin, which boasts to cure our immune system. It is believed that garlic is the must-have herb due to its versatile health benefits. It can be used with vegetables, meat, fish or any other cooked item. Garlic with honey improves immune system.

9. Banana

It is the only fruit which has rich source of potassium. Among it’s many benefits one common benefit of banana is it provides instant energy. The most important part of banana is it can be consumed in winter as well as in summer with the equal benefits. The intake of banana along with milk makes the weak person stronger, it increases the sperm count in men. Banana in the morning in breakfast completes the overall diet of breakfast. It is also rich source of B 6 and fiber which controls the heart burn and reduces thrust.

10. Cucumber and watermelon

One thing which is common in both is both are rich source of calorie and both have 90 percent intake of water in it. Where cucumber is popular vegetable which can be consumed empty stomach for more benefit, it can also be included in dinner or lunch in the form of salad. Watermelon is one of the most common fruit. One of the most important benefits of watermelon is it increases the sperm count. Scientist research have proved that the intake of watermelon makes men last long during the intercourse.

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Healthy food part 2 by seekein 2

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