Are you worried about what are the healthy food for pregnant ladies, and what food to avoid during pregnancy? If this is your concern then you have come to the right place. In this post, you will know what to eat and what to avoid.

healthy food for pregnant ladies (infographic)



Maintaining a healthy diet throughout pregnancy is very necessary.


At this point, your body desires further nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in fact, you have to consume 350–500 additional calories daily throughout the second and third months.

A diet lacking in key nutrients could negatively have an effect on the baby’s development.


Poor consumption habits and excess weight gain can also increase your risk of physiological state polygenic disorder and gestation or birth complications.


In selecting healthy food for pregnant ladies, nutritive foods play a vital role in making sure of the overall development of you and your baby.


In addition, choosing the right type of food also helps in reducing extra weight from your tummy after you give birth to a newborn child.



Healthy food for pregnant ladies with (Infographic)

Eating when you are pregnant is so much different than when you are not, it requires more discipline and knowledge as one has to think not only to feed themselves but also to feed the baby inside.

With that said, there are certain foods that will help the lady who is pregnant to feed her baby better, and other foods that will make that period of pregnancy harder.

There are also certain foods that will make the pain go away and other foods that will definitely be unhealthy for the pregnant lady and her child, the goal is to find that fine line.

One of the first few things to keep in mind is that there is a need for an increase in the daily caloric intake for the pregnant lady, approximately 500 calorie increase for the first two trimesters and then even more in the last trimester, this means that this is essential to include 500 calorie increase on your usual caloric increase and you can never go wrong with underfeeding your child in the womb.

Moreover, having a diet source that is rich in nutrients such as vitamins and minerals is essential, so there is a need for calorie tracking so you can know if you are eating enough or under-eating.

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Pregnancy food chart to consider

Vegetables are a great source of fiber, vitamin C, iron and potassium which is essential for pregnant women, that is why dark and green leafy vegetables such as broccoli, kale, and spinach have a lot of health benefits for pregnant ladies in all of their trimesters.

In addition to that, this food group also helps in constipation and hunger cravings that happen, and they are also a rich source of antioxidants.

Lean beef is another good source of food for pregnant women as they need extra protein to maintain and build tissue, beef, pork, and even chicken are great ways to add quality protein that will take care of any problems that relate to Iron, and vitamin B deficiency.

Healthy food for pregnant ladies

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Unknown facts about lean meats

The great thing about lean meats is that it will help in providing an adequate amount of oxygen in the blood, nutrients flow better and more efficiently with a high protein diet. Iron deficiency is also not even a problem if the pregnant lady takes adequate amounts of lean meats.

Whole wheat grain is also one of the most important food groups for pregnant ladies, it will aid in reaching their daily caloric requirement in a very healthy way, grains have a lot of fiber and plant compounds that help the pregnant lady feel more satisfied throughout the day.

Foods to eat during pregnancy week by week

Fish is one of the most underrated food groups, it is usually treated as an event meal that only can be taken outside, but salmon, tuna, tilapia, and other fish are very important for pregnant ladies as they are very rich in DHA and omega fatty acids such as omega 3. The eyes and brains of the fetus can only be created and built by components that are in abundance in fish.

Another largely beneficial healthy food for pregnant ladies is dairy products, thanks to the added protein content that helps immensely in the building blocks of the fetus formation, dairy products are great food for pregnancy.

Greek Yogurt is one of the best dairy products to consume in pregnancy, it contains a lot of potassium and calcium as well as a good amount of protein.

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Legumes are also a great addition to the dietary composition of pregnant ladies, beans, lentils, chickpeas, and soy is another a very good source. They contain iron, folate, and protein as well as a set of other vitamins.

They are even used in making most of the multivitamin supplements, thanks to their rich vitamin content.

Diet in pregnancy for fair baby

If you are someone who wants to deliver a fair child than you have to consider the food you eat. According to Indian belief almond and milk help in improving the pre and post pregnancy complexities, therefore it is advisable to eat when you are three months pregnant.

Oranges are one of the citrus fruits to consume when you are pregnant as oranges are rich in vitamin C which is essential for the overall growth of your baby and also to improve the overall health of the newborn baby.

5 highly effective food to consume for a fair baby

Almonds: Pregnant women should eat 4-7 almonds along with milk daily as Indians believe that eating almonds during pregnancy reduces the complexity and pain in pregnant women and helps in giving birth to a fair child.

Coconut: Eating the white part of the coconut during pregnancy has proven to be very effective in having a fair child. And for those of you planning to breastfeed, coconut oil is high in lauric acid, which is supposed to stimulate milk production during pregnancy and after birth. Coconut oil is not solely a part of the coconut that may facilitate with gestation, either. Coconut water has lots of benefits as well.

Orange juice: Orange juice is another essential drink to consume as it is a rich source of vitamin C which is essential for the growth of the baby and also to improve the skin tone.

Grape juice: Eating plenty of grapes aid to the various biological changes that occur during pregnancy, it is a rich source of vitamins C and K, antioxidants,  folate, fiber, pectin, and organic acids. The women who desire to have a fair baby should consume at least 60 grams of grape juice as it helps in fighting various diseases like grittiness, dental pain, cramps, swelling, acidity, and constipation.

Fennel seeds: Drinking the water of the fennel seeds first thing in the morning helps in improving the skin of the baby and it also improves the nausea of the pregnant women.


what not to eat when you are pregnant

The main food restrictions on pregnant women’s dietary options are to help them avoid getting two infections that cross the placenta and can put a baby at risk: toxoplasmosis and listeria.

Listeria is basically found in all refrigerated foods but supposedly is particularly risky in refrigerated cooked meat/fish and unpasteurized dairy.

Hidden risk

Toxoplasmosis, on the other hand, is present in raw meats. Your smoked meats should be safe if they’re cooked to an internal temperature that will kill both of those pathogens, and eaten hot. Pasteurized are also fine in that category. In most cases, it’s also not the food itself that is bad for you, it’s the increased risk to the baby.

Your risk for getting salmonella from eating raw eggs doesn’t increase during pregnancy but if you contracted it, there’s a lot more to lose since it could negatively impact your baby.

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Some other food to avoid during pregnancy

Raw fish is one of the other things pregnant ladies can avoid due to the mercury content, this is not the case in most Japanese women, they eat sushi all the way to their day of labor.

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This is perhaps because of the environment quality decline since that time.

In terms of drinks, too much sugar is not advised, and alcohol is the last thing a pregnant lady wants to drink, it has huge repercussions on the health of her and her baby.

  • Despite making claims such as women drinking alcohol every day till the day of birth, it is still going to have a massive negative effect on the health of the baby and there are even a lot of studies and research that agree and prove the idea.

Some interesting facts

The point is, a pregnant woman’s nutrition is far more important than what people put it to be, blood tests must be done monthly to check the health of the baby and the woman as well as a tracking record or the nutrition taken by the women as it matters most to her and the baby. Tracking calories, macronutrients, and vitamins are essential to the pregnant lady.

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