What if I tell you that most people don’t know what is healthy food for breakfast (to lose weight) they must have in order to be fit and fine.

The sedentary lifestyle that we live today is doing more harm than we can think, our bodies were made to hunt, build house, run away from predators and fight off enemies that were representing danger to our survival, tens and hundreds of thousands of years ago, this was the case, we were pure survival machines. Therefore, our bodies have continued to work that way up until this very day.

The fact of the matter is that our bodies are very smart but outdated, and when someone tries to lose weight or tries to achieve a certain goal in their physique, the body is not aware of the fact that that person is trying to lose weight, it would even go into survival mode and resist what you do, which is the complete opposite of what you might want.

Healthy food for breakfast is essential even to lose fat

Fat loss is the same case, people who go into some diets do not realize that sometimes by cutting foods, your body begins to resist and actually store fat and water, this does not mean that the body is doing something completely arbitrary.

It just means that the body we have today is the same body we had tens of thousands of years ago, and by cutting out foods, it thinks that we are in a food shortage, and anything that is consumed needs to be stored since the next meal could go on for days.

Even worse is when the body realizes that it needs to go into survival mode and it stops fat loss since fat can be a valuable energy source for the body itself.

The topic of debate that has been out there for decades now is losing weight and how can one do that, it is one of the biggest topics that are oversaturated with all kinds of diets and regimes for workouts that all work, but people do not know how to properly do that.

In the case of fat loss, it is very easy to shed pounds of fat very fast with just-drinks that target specific hormonal triggers to help accelerate the fat loss rate.

How fat loss happens in the human body

But first, the mechanisms of how fat loss happens is crucial to understand, the most important thing that needs to happen in fat loss is that you need to be burning more than you consume, it is not about specific numbers that you need to target like 1600 calories, there is no magic number, fat loss happens when you burn more calories than you eat.

A person can eat up to 4000 calories and they would still be losing weight, this is because they are burning more than what they eat.

This act of burning more than you eat puts you in a state of caloric deficit, which means that your body has to find ways to adapt to the shortage of the calories that you are burning off.

Therefore, the body resorts to two main sources of energy expenditure that is already in the body, the first one is glycogen that is found in the liver and muscles, and the second one is the fat reserves.

The secret of burning fat

The more fat a person has, the easier it becomes to burn it off. Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day not necessarily because of the health benefits, but for the fact that it has a lot of carries over into the day, so by setting up a good breakfast with healthy food, you will have a successful fat loss rate.

Nevertheless, in breakfast foods and drinks, this becomes much easier, but with the caloric deficit, a person cannot exceed many calories, as that could not only be detrimental for their fat loss goals, but it could also be dangerous for their overall health.

By burning a lot of more than you consume, a person begins to lose muscle mass, lose fluids that are essential to the body and the body begins to fight against what you do. One of the tricks that you can do is in breakfast, by setting up a good breakfast that is full of nutrients, you will feel and perform better throughout the day.

Water importance in the body

The first drink that needs to be mentioned is simply water, this is highly true, a lot of people do not realize that they are packing tens of ounces of water on their body unknowingly.

By doing something that is called a water cycle, your body will release all the water that you have inside and you will look much leaner and you will be very light in a few days.

The way that water has been hidden in your body is by actually not having enough water in your system, one would think that by not drinking a lot of water, they would not have a lot of water in their system, but that is completely false.

This is the same mechanism that the body uses when you do not eat as much, the same when not drinking a lot of water, your body won’t be releasing it as to hold on to it in case of survival mode.

Drink at least 8 to glass water daily

By drinking more water per day, your body will realize that it does not have to hold on to that water anymore because you are already giving it more than enough water supply.

So little by little, your body will start releasing the water under your skin in sweating and going to the bathroom. Generally, it is recommended that one should drink 3.5 liters per day in order to get their water needs and help them lose weight.

Bonus points if drinking more water are that your skin will be much clearer, your bones will feel a lot more stable and you will feel a lot of refreshed throughout the day.

Must-have items in breakfast


In breakfast, you must drink water the moment you wake up, this is crucial because you did not drink a sip of water all night, and it is going to be unhealthy for your kidneys to not have enough water. So in breakfast especially, make sure you are drinking water.

  • Coffee is another drink that is great for fat loss, other than lifting your mood and boosting your energy levels for the day, coffee actually helps fat loss. Many studies have shown that by drinking consistently drinking coffee every day, people lost fat.

Drinking coffee also helps boost metabolism and spike it up, which means your body will be working a lot faster than usual with the blood flow increase due to caffeine.

  • Caffeine has also been shown to have an increase in strength athletes as it helps in boosting the power level. Drinking coffee is recommended in the morning, by drinking adequate amounts of coffee in the morning, the body begins to have a response of being energized, which helps accelerate other functions in the body.

The benefit of green tea in losing fat

  • Green tea is also a great drink for fat loss, it helps fat loss in supplying the body with many antioxidants, catechins and other powerful nutrients that help you not only lose weight but also feel calmer. What’s more, is drinking green tea helps a lot in lowering blood pressure, which is a side effect of obesity, so you will not only be fighting the root cause of the problem which is fat, but you will also be working on the symptoms.


  • Apple cider vinegar drinks are also a great way to help you lose fat; it contains an acid called acetic acid which helps break down fat and lower the spiked up insulin levels. It also helps in fixing a damaged metabolism and suppressing appetite. This drink is widely used as a combination in other drinks; it is generally recommended that one should use two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar extract with a tall glass of water every day first thing in the morning.

These are the main ingredients for drinks in order to help fat loss, but the drinks can vary from one person to another, depending on taste, ingredients, knowledge of the product and possible allergies that might occur. But here are some of the most powerful drinks you can use for fat loss.

Gut cleaners and fat loss combo:

Boil water and mix it with lemon juice and honey, keep stirring till it blends fully.

Then grind 20grams of ginger and two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.

Add one tablespoon of green tea.

Mix well and drink it every day in the morning to see good results.

Add ice in order to make it taste like juice

Super coffee:

Make one shot of coffee with three tablespoons of Arabia coffee

Add a small dash of cinnamon

Add one spoon of raw cocoa powder

Add one small spoon of raw organic honey

Add a quarter of a spoon of coconut oil

Green tea and mint

Prepare one cup of green tea

Add ginger powder

Add organic raw honey to taste

Add mint leaves


Green smoothie

Make a smoothie with two broccoli heads

Add a handful of spinach

Add Handful of kale

Add lemon juice

Add one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar

Add stevia to taste

Add whey protein for extra protein content

Coconut water fat loss drink:

Add 200ml of pineapple juice

Add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar

Add coconut water

Add stevia to taste

Add one kiwi and blend everything until it becomes smooth

Top food for breakfast


Eggs are going to top the list of the best food to eat in breakfast because the body has gone through a small catabolic state, you are going to need to repair your body with the right nutrients, and eggs are one of the best ways you can do that.

The yolk contains one of the best sources of fat and zinc, and the white is very rich in protein. It is best that you monitor the yolk and egg whites if you are on a low-fat diet, but if you just want health at optimal levels, then 3 eggs per day are recommended for basically everyone.


Oats are one of the best grains you can ever get for breakfast, this is simply the best source of carbs you can get in breakfast, it is rich in vitamins, it has a lot of protein and it will make you feel satisfied throughout the day. In addition to that,  it has a component that battles out the insulin spike in the morning which normally occurs, so it makes you even more sensitive to insulin which is better.


To start off, heat three cups of water, add the oats and splash of milk, stir so the blend doesn’t stick and reduce the heat if the pot is coming to a boil, keep thoroughly in no more than 10 minutes and place on a plate. You can add to your preference salt, honey, cinnamon, chocolate, whey protein powder, dates, and nuts.


The third good healthy food for breakfast is Greek yogurt, it contains a lot of protein and it’s the best combination between feeling full and feeling bloated. You also have a lot of variety with the yogurt as you can add berries, almonds, and other ingredients to taste, you can also go with the low fat or the no-fat version which cuts off a huge chunk of calories.


Fruits are also a great energy booster for the day, they have a lot of benefits especially in breakfast, a banana will definitely fill you up with a good amount of consistent energy throughout your day. They can also be blended together in a smoothie or even with greek yogurt.


Super pancakes are one of the best ways that you can use all of these ingredients together for your convenience; it is basically a healthy pancake that blends a lot of good healthy ingredients for fat loss in the morning. Make the oats into a fine powder, add two eggs, add Greek yogurt, add strawberries, add some milk for consistency and mix well. When you have the blended end product, pour it into a heated pan with a little bit of oil and cook thoroughly until the pancake is starting to get harder at the bottom, flip it and wait another 3 minutes and then serve.


These are only combinations; you can always tweak them and fix them around for your convenience. The most important thing to keep in mind is that these drinks will accelerate fat loss not create it. Fat loss is created by eating less than what you burn during the day, but with adding these drinks and foods into your daily routine in breakfast, fat loss will happen much easier and faster.

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