Healthy diet by seekein

Healthy diet by seekein

Healthy diet

Healthy diet by seekein


Every species on this planet knows what to eat how to eat and when to eat for their healthy diet. They all have different food though but they never turn away from their category of food, for instance, the lion will not eat plant food as it carnivorous likewise cow will not eat what lion eat . They all have their food which is decided by nature.

But the humans are known to be the supreme creature on their planet because of its brain don’t know what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat, instead they look here and there for the advice and their decision is influenced by others advice.

we become suffers and get unwell or ill because of eating behavior. Food is the ultimate source of fuel in the human body, without the right food, the function of the body will not work properly .food provide us various types of nutrients, chemicals, fibers, vitamins which helps in building or boosting the immune system.

which fights against the disease. without the right food, our immune system will become weak and we can easily be attacked various disease and if the situation is worse it can bring us to the ultimate death. unlike human animals live their complete life for example of a lion whose average is say 30 years then it will live up to around 30 means a complete life but the human case is different altogether there was a time when people used to live an age of around 80 to 100 years but now it is very rare as the average age of humans have decreased to 60 years .


know what to eat for healthy diet consideration

In order to achieve complete health and live a disease free life, we need to be selective which selecting our food. The food which is good for the body produces unlimited energy and increases the red blood and which blood cell which fights against the disease. Every human body has got the tendency of making the new cell and replace the old cells which are the phenomenon of red blood and white blood cell which is very necessary to replace the old cell with the new cell for the human body to be disease free.

we can say that human is making a new human by the process. It is said that you look or become what you eat . Though every individual food requirement is different so in order to achieve the good health we must be sure about the balance of proteins, vitamins, minerals, fibers, carbohydrates for the body. Don’t worry it’s not that hard to stay tuned with me I will take you to every step one by one to the complete health.


Don’t get confused by the different channel of information

Today most of us get confused very easily as the growing of print media like newspaper, magazines, television, internet they all have different points with them. We get confused easily as if one magazine says the importance of certain food and the other says the opposite of the first. Don’t lose your focus like your career goal stick to one which you find useful and follow the step by step you will be absolutely fine.

Even the trend of organic food is going at a very fast pace many companies are even going for the trend of packaged food which grows all over the world. Though all of them makes lots of promise about it the truth is just the opposite never be dependant on the organic or packed food item, as they are deep refrigerated food which damages our inner organs.


Just follow the right path

We usually follow the western culture from what they dress, to what they eat which is not a good sign. Just try to remember our past Indian food recipes which were consumed by our forefather and they lived happy and disease free life. Indian food recipes have different items and people from all over the world used to visit India for their treatment and praises the Indian food.

Now we are following the trend of the packed food item and also fast food like pizza, burgers, choimin and much more which damages our inner organs like liver, kidney, and we are affected by disease very easily. Don’t ever follow them just for the sake of taste as the advertisement company shows, they are paid with lots of money to promote the product and we are easily fooled by them. If you avoid your Indian food just to save time then you are going in the wrong direction as it makes have more time in the hospital bed.


If you don’t believe then just look at the data of any western country and find out their cause of death you will easily come to the point as the major death over the past ten years or so was caused by heart attack, stroke, kidney failure you will get to know why they are caused. Though our country has got huge potential and food we eat just have them in our chart, return back to the old days what our grandparents used to eat.

None of us want to visit or like the doctor but we are forced to go there because of the bad habit or lack of knowledge about the right food. You will be disease free and will minimize the chance of being hospitalized, which will result in a life full of joy and jill.

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