Health tips of the day by seekein

health tips of the day

Health tips of the day by seekein

The benefits of the healthy lifestyle are numerous, we will discuss more it, as they have a

direct impact on our body.

Live long life

Decreases the need for drugs

Make us feel younger

Keeps the bones stronger

Keeps the weight in check

Prevents us from the kidney stroke

Reduces the risk of cancer

Alleviates constipation

These are some the benefits, of course, there are lots more than stated this are highlighted

to show the importance. We can summarise all about food, health, and disease with the 5

important tips. These tell us all about science, the way we are thinking about health and

the outer world. Health tips makes one wiser over the health.


1. Vitamins substitute are not the panacea for sound

We tend to believe it very easily that vitamins substitute for food can be used for all the causes which

are not the right way of doing. As nutrition performs as the infinite complex biochemical which

involves thousands of chemicals have the effect on the health, it actually makes no sense that the

substitute will last long and have the long-term effect on health. Taking it forward for the persons

who rely completely on supplements like this in the form of nutrition pills cannot overcome

their problem totally.

It does not mean that these vitamins and nutritions are not important, of course, they

are important element but when consumed in the form of food, not as supliment of food

in the form of pills or energy drink. Isolating the food and rely totally on the supliuments

brings danger to our health. With the time passes people are relying more and more on

this suipliments which is not good at all.


2. There are no nutrients in animal-based foods that are not better than plants

Eating animal foods like meat, fish, chicken gives the different nutrients value than eating the vegetables.

Vegetables have more antioxidants, minerals, and fiber than the animal food. In fact, animal food

has more cholesterol and fat than the plant food. Food like chicken, fish have more proteins than vegetables.

Some of the rich sources of vitamin D is found in milk. Chemical, on the other hand, is also a very

an important element of the human body.

Chemical cannot be obtained by the body itself it depends totally on the outer source like plant and animal food. The element found in animal food as a nutrition is important but not all of them, some are useless in the human body. Cholestrol is something which is made by the body itself. Vitamin D can be gained in the body by exposing the skin to the sun ray around 10 to 15 minutes in the morning. Vitamin A is made by the the body itself from beatacarotene. It has been found in the study that human body has 3 years storage of B12.

3. Nutrition represents the combination of activity from a countless food substance

The chemicals that we get from the food works on the series and gives us good health. The chemicals

extracted from the inner organs and supplies it throughout the body accordingly to the requirement

of the body in the form of nutrition value. The human body has got the tendency to get benefit from the

chemicals in the food.

4. Nutrition that prevents disease during the early stage can halt disease during the later stage

It can be highlighted by the fact that the chronic disease takes several years to grow.

For instance prostate cancer which can be evident only once it is diagnosed during the test,

until then we cannot figure out. And once it developed then very little can be done. Cancer,

on the other hand, cannot be diagnosed during the early stage, however, a good nutrition can halt or stop

the disease. We are blessed enough that the good nutrition can give benefit to any stage of life.

We have seen the report on diabetes, heart disease, weight loss, however, there are some disease

which cannot be reversed because of the autoimmune system if once it turns against the body than

it is impossible to control the flow of disease.

5. Good nutrition develops good health tips

The process of eating is a general phenomenon for satisfying our hunger, what we eat becomes

the part of the body. It is believed that we look and behave exactly the same the way we eat or what we eat.

For instance, a man-eating non-veg regularly has the tendency to behave like animals in the same way

a person eating vegetables behave exactly the reverse order due to the nature of plant and animals.

We should be very selective in choosing our diet and it brings our mental state calm and relax.


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