Hair fall remedies by seekein

Hair fall remedies by seekein

   Hair fall remedies by seekein


Hair fall remedies



As I was sitting and playing with my six-month-old niece she holds with her little finger my hair fall and out she goes. Some hair comes out this was not the first instance when I saw something like this but it was my negligence as I ignored every time thinking it is not a big issue. But actually, I was wrong what I notice from the past couple of years is that my center bald has decreased a lot that one can easily notice.

I consulted my hair specialist and found nothing worked for me. So I decided to go through the root cause of it an come to a proper conclusion. What I notice an discovered from a certain experiment an research that it can be treated and you can control the hair fall if you follow the right path. I remember an instance when my friends and family used to tease me a lot with the word of pleasure “Nai ki Dukan” someone who posses have good hair and I was equally happy listening to their comments. 

My hair once looked like a garden in which you can cultivate and have a farm just joking. But actually, when I use to finger throw my hair it was such a wonderful filling which I can not explain.Fortunately or unfortunately,  there can be lots of causes for hair fall and in medical term, there is only one solution that is hair transplant which is very costly that not many can afford it. So what I bring forward are six killer tips to regain your hair loss and have a long and shiny hair.


Steps to look out for hair fall remedies

1. Look out your diet.

Protein is considered to be the tissue-building cell which makes cell on regular intervals it not only result in building goods cell throughout the body but also results in repairing the tissue of hair which is the cause of hair fall or hair loss. If you are having a protein in your diet then you will certainly see the result. Some of the best source of the protein includes Egg, milk, chicken, soybeans, fish, have them in your diet.

For instance, fish has got omega 3  acids which repair the tissue cell and treat the damaged part of the tissue which results in the hair fall and causes into the long and strong hair. My advice goes for it an have a rich protein diet.


2. Balance vitamins and minerals in your diet

Vitamin C is the essential part for the hair related problem and one of the rich sources of vitamin C like amla, lemon, orange can lead you not only to fight against the disease and make your immune system stronger but it makes your hair healthy and shiny. On the other hand, vitamin A is also very important for the hair growth some of the rich sources of the vitamin A are carrots,  green vegetable especially “palak is very good sources and it also increases the blood in the body.

It treats the red blood cell to function properly and allows it produce good cell and regulates the oxygen flow in the body. Vitamins and minerals circulate the blood flow throughout the body which allows the red blood cell to go through each gland of the body which means the blood flow occurs naturally in the body in an organic manner and good blood which has rich content of oxygen in it.

Which repairs all the cell of the body and saves us from any deficiency in the body. Consider having vitamin and minerals for hair growth along with calcium, iron, copper, zinc, and magnesium in your diet with the food like green vegetables, oranges, carrot,  ion your diet for the improve result,


3. Be in touch with your doctor

Despite putting all your effort and having all the sources like the necessary element in your diet if you continue to lose your hair then you need to consult your doctor and look for the proper cause. Some of the cause which leads to hair fall are anemia, excessive stress, thyroid imbalance, heart disease, constipation which brings the result of hair fall. See if there is any problem which is associated with this type of disease and once you are clear about it then you can go for the proper solution.


4 Drink six to eight ml of water daily

we have heard about it time after time but never follow it our doctor used to tell us to drink plenty of water for the complete health and to be disease free. Oxygen with the combination of food and water treat the tissue in the body. Consider it with an example say you plant two mango tree in one you are pouring regular water and exposing it to the sunlight.

And on the other you are pouring little water and even it is not exposed to sunlight eventually after some time what you will notice that the first plant grows to a big mango tree and have a lots of fruits on its  branches and on the other hand the second plant will shrink down and finally one day it will die. Same happens with the human body if we do not drink water regularly in the right quantity then our immune system will become weak and we are attacked by several disease hair falls is no exception.


5 Quit smoking

Smoking along with drinking alcohol hampers our nervous system completely as it reduces the circulation of blood in the body part. Our smoking and drinking habits have a direct impact on our scalp of the hair which loses its firm grip and starts losing it. Means its root become so weak that first, it results in less hair fall and finally one day comes we don’t have any hair.

So if you want to improve your health an control hair fall then immediately quit smoking and drinking alcohol. But it is not that easy at least we can try one can try for the betterment of his life and if he cares about the family then slowly and slowly they will quit it.


6 Have antioxidant in your diet

An antioxidant is an element which does not have the impact of growing age for the cause of diseases to enter your body. Some people look different with there growing age as they suffer from problems like diabetes, heart disease arthritis, hair fall is just the part of it an even people in young age lose their hair and have a grey and white hair which occurs because of the chemical imbalance in the body. The rich source of antioxidant green tea does not have the impact of the growing age to influence the body. We can have green tea in our breakfast.


Another important methods are don’t dye  your hair regularly instead go for the natural products like mehandi and apply it instead. Hair dye includes certain  chemical which damages  the tissue of your hair which can lead you to completely baldness. Go for the natural remedy for colouring your hair instead.


Don’t comb your hair when it is  wet

We are always in hurry due to hectic lifestyle that most of us follow it willingly or unwillingly but the truth is that when you comb your hair when it is wet then the root of the hair loosen its grip and once you comb your hair the hair comes out. We usually use the hard comb and don’t comb our hair gently then some hair comes out we see it an even most of the time avoid it. You need to stop it right now, dry your hair before combing it.

Always try to avoid the natural save of the hair to change. For instance, some hair is naturally are curly what we do go to the saloon to make the hair straightener or even thicker, its simply not right way. Doing this will cause a severe problem initially you will not notice but the report says who changed their hairstyle usually resulted in a hair loss after a certain time period.

We are easily attracted by the actors and want us to look like them. Following them for a good cause is one thing but the following anyone blindly is very bad. Keep in mind that like our body our hair has got some natural tendency of curly, straight, long, thick don’t try to change its shape you will be in trouble sooner or later.

Coming to the conclusion if you follow these habits in your life then you will definitely have the benefit and you can get your hair back naturally strong. This was my method as I loosed much hair in my early age due to several reasons including illness but finally, I have got my long and strong hair back. It worked for me and I am quite sure that it will definitely work for you as well. Feel free to comment or any suggestion which is always welcomed by us.

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