Food sex by seekein




Food sex by seekein


Enjoying the pleasure of good sexual relationship is the desire of every couple, but 2 out of 10 suffer from some type of sex problem. Though there are lots of medicine which can improve but most important element to improve your sex problem is none other than fruits, vegetables, nuts. It not only boosts your pennis muscle but also increases the sexual pleasure.


To sort out the problem and boost your health, you must first find out what stops you from enjoying sexual problem. What is the problem that hurts your pennies? Looking at the present scenario we can easily figure out that there are lots of lifestyles which is the root cause of the problem.

Less sleep, a tension of work, excessive alcohol consumption apart from these there are lots of other causes too. It detriots your lower organ to function properly, like less sperm count which can ever because of men not becoming father. We often associate this problem with women but now the disease is growing on men too.


Healthy lifestyle

On the other hand, healthy lifestyle and healthy food can give exactly the opposite result, it not only boosts your immune system but also it boosts your sexual life. Any problem which is associated with men like the hardness of pennis during the intercourse, short in sex immediate flow of sperm during the intercourse it can treat equally them.

Like for instance having food which has omega 3 acids it improves the blood circulation in the pennies. Apart from these minerals like zinc, magnesium to vitamins like A, B, C.D, E can control the stress and nerves of your body. Some of the common food to boost sexual health are:


  1. Banana:  Having ripe banana on your diet can bring in some change, it contains an enzyme called bromelain which improves the testosterone in men. Banana is the rich source of potassium which is important for blood circulation, it controls the blood flow as well besides providing instant energy. A banana along with milk during the winter and ripe banana in summer consumption can work beneficially for us.


2. Cherries: Cherries has the rich content of anthocyanins which is very useful for the arteries. It controls the excessive blood flow to the pennis which leads to a long period of erection. It is not only beneficial for the blood flow but it also widely used as a sports nutrition used by the sportspersons and the athlete.


3. Fish: Fish is the another most important element which has rich content of oil and omega-3 acid which improves the metabolism of the body which drives more sexual intercourse. Some common type of fish like salmon is very beneficial.


4. Watermelon: Watermelon is the rich source of lycopene. It is a very important element for the pennis, it helps in blood vessels relaxation and also increases blood transmission to the other part to decrease the pressure. Just two cup of watermelon juice before the workout or intercourse can control the blood flow and decrease the heart level.


5. Tomatoes: Tomatoes is the rich source of an element like vitamin C, potassium which is the key element in controlling the blood flow. Proper blood flow throughout the body organs allow it function properly.


6. Saffron: Saffron has got the rich content of Picrocrocin which makes the body more sensitive to the touch and controls the emotion level. It is used in the form of a capsule to increase the muscle7. Pome strength and lowers the muscle pains in men.


7. Pomegranate: Pomegranate has the rich source of fiber which controls satisfaction level, potassium which is used to controls the blood pressure and stroke. It is very beneficial fruit not only for the immune system which fights against the disease but also controls the sensitivity in men.


8. Honey: Honey has the rich source of minerals known as boron, which controls testosterone and improves the libido in men which causes the sexual pleasure. Honey along with warm water is good for the testosterone.


9. Yogurt: Yogurt is one of the rich sources of an element like high fiber, which improves in circulation and regulates sodium in the body. Doctors believe that yogurt is must have dairy product in your diet for the complete health benefits. It is the complete food which can cure almost all the disease and boost our immunity.


10. Garlic: Garlic and onions have a rich source of a compound called allicin, which helps in controlling blood flow, relax the arteries and heart and improves the erection. Garlic and onion can be used with the combination of vegetables to make our diet complete.


These are some of the most important food to boost our pennis muscle and improve our sexual stamina and sexual relation. It makes the couples enjoy the pleasure of sex along with the child and infertility problem in women. 



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