Early stage of diabetes treatment

Early stage of diabetes treatment by seekein


Early stage of diabetes treatment


Early stage of diabetes treatment

We all are aware of “diabetes”  and we consider it as a disease which usually happens among the old age group of peoples. For instance, people above 40 years and so on, can be affected by diabetes and not the younger generation or young and adult. But it is an interesting fact to note now that, gone are the days when old age people are diagnosed with diabetes.

According to the current report, more and younger adults are diagnosed with the deadly disease

in their early stage of the thirties or even lesser today. Like young kids especially the obese child

under the age of 14 can also be seen as diabetic symptoms. slowly and slowly the level of diabetic

patients is increasing day by day, earlier it was the case of old age or western culture disease where

there lifestyle and food are different than ours. So it is quite obvious that they can be diabetic but now

not only in the urban area but also the remote area have come under its radar.

Probably one important factor could be increased in the level of stress in the younger generation,

also, the high sugar content in the diet and the most important factor is the lack of physical exercise.

Doctors usually say this quite often that diabetes is a lifestyle disease which occurs and grows in the

human body on various factor apart from high sugar intake and lack of exercise.

Our food plays a major role as during the early days we don’t have the packed or refrigerated food

along with the chemicals and pesticides to be blamed to a certain extent for the rapid growth of the disease.

We cant change the damage which has been done in the past, but we can surely take

correct and preventive measures in our present to save our future.

Early detection of diabetes can help us in a bigger way, diabetes doesn’t have a cure for sure but

if we are alert enough and manage to pick up early than we control the disease and stop it further

damaging our cells. It can only be done if treated early in the initial stage. And like this, we can gift

yourself some extra years of disease-free healthy life. Some of the early symptoms of diabetes that

we can consider and treat it immediately can save us from trouble in the older age.

Diabetes symptoms

1. Feeling thirst every time: If you feel dehydrated every now then, and your body intake of water has declined. Means if you continue to feel thirsty every time despite the fact that people around you feel absolutely fine. Then it is the sign of some mishappening in the body. No matter how much you consume water but after some time you feel thirsty again is the symptom of diabetes.

Though you may first consider and try to figure it out of your own, in place of water you can consume cucumber, watermelon fruits which are rich in water element. If it drives you towards the normal position by the change of food in your diet, then it is absolutely fine, but if the problem persists then you need to work over it and start early treatment to dissolve the issue and give yourself extra years of happy life.


2. Frequent urination: It is quite evident that when we drink lot’s of water than going for the urination is normal, as it comes naturally to everyone. Everybody intake of consuming water is different. But without the proper intake of water if we have the problem of frequent urination then it’s a serious issue. We have to consult the doctors immediately for the early check up diabetes. On an average, during the 24 hour period if your urination occurs 4 to 6 times its natural but more then is dangerous.


3. Change in vision: Increase in the glucose level of the blood brings in a sudden change in a lens of our eyes as it starts losing its shape. It can further lead to change in the eyesight. All of a sudden if you feel that the number of lenses of your glass is increasing, or having trouble sighting the object especially near and far ones than it must be addressed immediately.

Another problem one may face that everything is going fine suddenly there is darkness in front of our eyes, we are like complete blind for some time and we may even lose our consciousness. It can turn out disastrous for our eyes. Early treatment not only saves your eyes but also you are saved by the disease of diabetes. Diabetes has a direct effect on our eyes, ear heart and we can save them by early treatment. The early stage of diabetes is very important and we need to treat it early.


4. Weight loss though you are eating well: In spite of having proper during the breakfast, lunch, and dinner if you continue to lose weight then something is definitely wrong. What we eat have a direct effect on our physical structure as it remains healthy and in good shape. But in spite of eating well if you lose weight then you need to consult your doctor.

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5. Always feel sleepy, drowsy and lethargic: Though you take proper sleep, you feel sleepy, drowsy and lethargic all day long and you feel tired then something is wrong. If you find it is difficult to do any task, in spite of complete rest and you ought to be fresh but you are not, then you need to consult your doctor. The diabetic person feels tired very often as glucose level in the body goes up, you feel drowsy and tired throughout the day.


6. Cuts and wounds taking too long to heal: When we are wounded or have cut then it usually takes 7 to 10 days to completely recover. Our body has natural healing power which heals any type of wounds of its own and dissolves it completely after some time. But if your wounds or cuts takes normal then usual time period, you may consult your doctor.

In my case recently I came across a diabetic patient she is around 40 plus, she had a wound on her back below the neck and it looks terrible that one use to fear in dressing the wound. I saw her it took her around 45 days time to recover, that’s the major difference between the normal person which hardly takes 7 to 10 days to recover.

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We have three method to treat diabetes First is, the modern medicine which controls diabetes but in many cases, some side effect also takes place due to excessive intake of medicine. Second is ayurvedic by far the best method to treat diabetes as you can not only control your sugar level but also it makes your body stronger enough to cope with the disease. Ayurvedic medicine along with yogic exercise, asanas, and Pranayam can reduce the sugar level of the patient and they have the tendency to a healthy lifestyle and feels confident to fight against the disease.

The third is, homeopathic it is very sad to see we have isolated from the ancient therapy like homeopathy. But ancient therapy like Ayurved and homeopathy are by far the best method to cure diabetes, as they can cure diabetes. Which is a bigger achievement, though they might take some time than the modern the result is altogether is different. You will feel like a newborn child after proper treatment, and early stage of diabetes treatment is very important.


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