Discovering everything about HIV and AIDS myth

Discovering everything about HIV and AIDS myth

Do you want to know what is Hiv and how it is transmitted to Aids? Than be with us, you will get some useful point. The first Hiv/AIDS case was detected in the year 1980, but in spite of the extraordinary effort by the scientists and policymakers, it remains to be a mystery disease.

AIDS is Commonly expected to be caused by HIV—Human Immune Deficiency Virus—researchers till now haven’t discovered a counteractant for the illness. To this day, there is no convincing medical knowledge either as to how the pathogen HIV is supposed to cause AIDS.

Theory of Hiv disease

The present AIDS hypothesis additionally misses the mark in foreseeing the season of exchange from Hiv to Aids. The theory contains no information that can truly help people to identify those who are at risk of developing AIDS.

With relation to “treatment of” AIDS, till recently, patients were able to choose from a little variety of medicine that was originally developed as cancer chemotherapies, however, had in grips with extreme side effects, such as

loss of hair, anemia, muscle deterioration, nausea, and other immune-suppressing effects.


Discovering everything about HIV and AIDS myth


The hope of life among the Aids people

A newly introduced cocktail of three drugs known as  (protease inhibitors), which are less toxic than the originally used drugs, appear to be promising at first enabling to suppress HIV. Yet the cumulative failure rate of the new drugs has now reached 50 percent and continues to increase as strains of disease to develop and becomes resistance for them.

Already between 20 and 30 percent of patients are now infected with viruses resistant to protease inhibitors, and the situation is increasing day by day. Although the drugs have given many AIDS patients a “new hope of life” (not necessarily because the drugs suppress the disease, but because they also subdue most other disease-causing agents, at least for a while to attack the immune system).

The initial euphoria about the new AIDS treatment has gone down and so is the hope of finding a cure, at least within the medical department.

The way that there is no dependable source time—the term of time from being contaminated with HIV and creating AIDS indications—makes it for all intents and purposes difficult to foresee the start of the disease. The first AIDS patient was informed by doctors that they may probably die in one year after infection, but today the delay period ranges from 12 to15 years, which allows immediate treatment after HIV infection in the patient.

The number of conversion from Hiv to Aids shows otherwise

This is definitely not the last alternation. Most of the infected folks still are AIDS-free and solely a tokenish of them develop AIDS symptoms like respiratory disorder, blood cancer, or insanity.

To add a great deal of disarray to issues, wellbeing officers square measure unfit to foresee what rate people will be influenced with AIDS inside the future, as a solely a little share of the one million HIV-infected African will be infected by the disease.

During the initial 20 years or so of the outbreak, 90 percent of the AIDS instances were among the major health risk groups—highly active homosexuals, heroin addicts, or, in some cases, hemophiliacs, and since then more and more heterosexual men and women are constituted to be  HIV positive.

As per official appraisals, 66% of contaminated people should be from Africa, where the pestilence detonated amid the 1990s, and one fifth is from Asia, where the scourge of the disease is growing rapidly in recent time.

As of the end of 2005, an estimated 39.5 million to 42.3 million people throughout the world were living with HIV infection, and more than 20 million had died because of AIDS. During that year alone, about 4.9 million people became infected with HIV, and about 2.8 million died of AIDS disease.

However, as we move forward, these estimates are significantly flawed and manipulated.

The emergence of disease from Africa

Just five years earlier in 2000, the statistics showed figures which in no way support today’s figures. With the officially proclaimed mortality rate of 50-100 percent among infected people, we may have many

more deaths in Africa where the number of infected people at that time was estimated to be as more as six to eight million, and also in Haiti, where over six percent of the population was tested HIV-positive.

Yet during the nineties, the African continent had only 250,000 AIDS cases, and Haiti had almost none. This leads to the simple, but most important and almost forsaken question regarding AIDS, which is “what is the cause it?”


Aids is not a contagious disease 

So far, there is no scientific evidence that proves AIDS is a contagious disease, although it seems to be that way to most people.

what is apparent from the newly printed investigation is that HIV exclusively encounters once in a while spreads heterosexually and will, in this way, not be subject for a disease that includes bunches of AIDS casualties around the globe. There is also no evidence to reveal that HIV originates from AIDS.

Furthermore, it’s AN intrinsic truth that the animal virus HIV, that is tranquil of human cistron fragments, is ineffectual to destroy human cells – still, cell destruction is preponderant accredit of every AIDS disease.

Dozens of well-known scientists performing at the spearhead of the AIDS analysis square measure currently publically questioning the virus hypothesis of AIDS.

HIV include A non-dangerous commuter Virus?

If a germ or virus has infected a person, the disease-causing microbe is available in high absorption in the patient’s body. In the case of AIDS, there should be very large amounts of virus element in the affected tissues. Small amounts would not be sufficient to cause such extensive destruction, as it is found in the body of an AIDS victim.

Therefore, active virus material should be profusely present in the white blood cells of the immune system, particularly in the T-helper cells, as well as in lesions of Kaposi’s sarcoma and in the brain neurons of those affected with dementia. Yet this is not the case at all. The HIV retrovirus cannot be found in any of the diseased tissues of AIDS patients.

This fact however alone can make anyone suspicious about the claim that it leads to the destruction of organs and system. If HIV virus is capable of infecting T-cells or other parts of the immune system, then, as it is the case with every other type of viral infections right, the cell-free virus particles or virions would easily be detected in the bloodstream of the person.

However, in the majority of AIDS patients, there are no viruses found anywhere, and among the remaining few of them, there is not even enough presence in the blood to cause as simple as a simple cold itself. This makes AIDS patients de facto HIV-negative thought about the disease.

Among the 20 million deaths attributed to AIDS were, in fact, not caused by disease, but it was due to other reasons.

The virus becomes quickly inactive by antibody

Like other viruses, HIV becomes quickly inactivate by rapid antibody production of the host’s immune system. When it first infect the human body, it can achieve high levels of virus and for a brief period of time, it causes mild flu-like symptoms, if any at all it may cause.

The immune system then quickly neutralizes the retrovirus and puts it into a dormant state. Since AIDS patients who test HIV positive have been infected many years before they die of the disease, their retrovirus remains inactive.

An HIV test can only detect either the dormant, inactive virus or antibodies that the immune system produces to remain immune free to the virus in the future. Therefore, the HIV-test itself proves the

harmlessness case of HIV. Although it is rarely mentioned in the medical department, it has never been found in the lymph nodes, macrophage cells, dendritic cells, and elsewhere in the body of an AIDS victim; there has never been even a sign of a hidden virus infection. If the HIV were responsible for

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Destroying the human immune system, it would have to be present where the destruction takes place. But this is not the case of the disease.

In the coming time, we will know the true cause and more effective method to treat.

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