Detoxification by seekein

Detoxification by seekein



Detoxification by seekein


Detoxifying is one of the most important methods to purify your body in a natural and organic manner to make your body disease free through detoxification. It is quite evident from the data that we all consume a lot of fatty food and oily food which makes us healthier and gain some weight. Being healthy is one thing but being over healthy or overweight then the normal body means index [BMI]  is different.

we all should maintain a proper weight to make us disease free. Having fatty food and gaining weight very often has a negative effect on our body. People very often than not suffer from constipation. During the winter it is the tendency of human to get lazy and dull, they very often avoid exercise want to be in their blanket unless and until something urgent comes their way.

Avoid physical activity like exercise is a very bad thing as it allows the toxins in the body to grow, which results in rising in the body weight of the person once the winter end. Some of the most common symptoms of a detoxifying body they have trouble in breathing, their eyes become red, they feel dullness, they have a cough in their chest which makes them suffer cold very easily.

People continue to throw out the wastage in the form of a cough from their body once all the cough element which is a detoxifying element in the body is out people use to be in the state of detoxification.


It is recommended by the doctors to detoxify your body properly to remain healthy. Detoxyficant body is just like any motor which has trouble in its carborator , When the carburetor of the motor is not working properly then you will have trouble in the start , the sound of the motor is not, the motor does not run smoothly, it runs to a certain distance and stops. 

This is the symptoms of the motor having rouble in its carborator [ detoxyfication] in humans both are same. when we bought a new car then it runs smoothly on the road, every part of the motor engine, clutch, gear, breaks properly.

But when we do not take proper care of our car then it starts getting trouble in its engine, clutch, gear root of which is the carborator which makes the motor to more effectively and smoothly. A car/motor having trouble in its carborator is waste for us or causes trouble to us unless we work on its carborator and make it wastage free. 

same applies to humans as well if we leave yourself like that then slowly the detoxification of the body grows more and more and finally if not treated properly can result in major disease in the humans. Which can be very deadly and life-threatening as well. we need to purify our body with the proper method so that we can live a long and disease free life. 


1. Use of Ayurvedic products in our life 

It is believed that Ayurved has the ways and solution of treatment to almost all known and unknown disease on the planet. It is one of the most traditional methods of treatment for the human body to detoxify and purifies them completely as if they are a newborn body who does not have any disease due to them.

It is another thing slowly when the baby grows they came across various disease to the effect of environment and food on them. Today Ayurved in the form of Patanjali products is not just name it has become a brand, thanks to yoga guru Baba Ramdev and Acharya Balkrishna two grant pillars in the development of Ayurved and bringing it to the mainstream of treatment of humans once excessing the ayurvedic products was so rare that if want to have an ayurvedic products also can not excess as they are very rare.

Now you can excess any ayurvedic products from the nearest Patanjali store, which continues growing and expanding its reach to all over the world. Ayurveda has also entered in the e-commerce site means you don’t need to visit the store just make your order online like Amazon and Flipkart and you can have them in the comfort of your home.


Some useful ayurvedic products to detoxify the body is wheatgrass juice and Amla juice. For wheatgrass you can grow it in the house also, just plant the wheat grain in 9 different pots one by one for nine days, after some time you will a grass comes out of the wheat grain from the pot or some plot whichever may be the case for planting the wheat grain.

Take out the wheatgrass wash it properly and consume it in the empty stomach. Another option orders for the wheatgrass powder from the Patanjali store. Amla is known to be the purifier of any disease. The specification of Amla is that it can be consumed in every season, especially during summer amla along with warm water in the empty stomach during the morning, detoxify your body naturally. Have them and see the result.


2. Consume more water

Drinking more water is recommended by doctors to detoxify the body and removing away the wastage from the body. During the winter we use to avoid drinking more water as one common excuse they give more intake of water will bring more urination and people want to avoid it.

It is very important to have proper intake of water to detoxify the body at least 4 liters of water intake is recommended. You can drink warm water throughout the day, as it is also the best source of treatment for detoxification of the body. Warm water along with lemon can work wonderfully and have amazing benefits in detoxifying the body quickly.

People have the reason to give excuse just have warm water instead of normal water, especially during winter. Take care of your body, your body will take care of you and make you healthy and disease free.


3. Avoid junk food

Avoiding junk foods like burgers, pizza is recommended as they have excessive sugar, salt and chilly and spicy element in it, which creates detoxification in the body. Fatty food like this should be completely avoided if you are looking to detoxify your body.

By avoiding the junk food are giving yourself a chance to clean our body properly and detoxify our body completely. Junk food though has a very bad effect on our health as it is the cause of diabetes and obesity in most of the cases along with heart attack and cancer. Avoid them completely if you want a good health. 


4. Start exercising 

Exercising is the best method to lose extra calory from the body in the form of sweat. Exercise is basically divided into two categories one is a physical exercise which is running, or going to the gym for the workout and the other includes Yoga which includes breathing exercise in the form of Pranayam start practicing some basic Yoga like Bhrastika, Kapalbhati, and Anulom-Wilom.

You will see the change immediately after 2 to 3 days, you will feel that your body is much lighter now than before as if the extra weight of the body due to the detoxification evaporates out of the body. When we practice yoga especially Pranayam have a tremendous benefit in cleaning the body. You will start removing the dirt and detoxification element out of your body.


5. Take proper and sound sleep

If you are not sleeping properly at least for 6 hours, then all the other method will not work as your body needs complete rest to recover and detoxify it. Taking proper sleep allows your body to recover quickly and regain it’s energy back.

Detoxification of the body is essential for the humans. The above methods can be used for the purpose of detoxification. Apart from this, you need to have a positive attitude and avoid negative element to make your self highly effective.





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