Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and being healthy

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and being healthy

Do you want to know the secret of good health and being healthy for once and all your life?

Healthy lifestyle tips

First thing first, for a healthy lifestyle when it comes about health and fitness every other thing is secondary to us. As we prefer health as our primary objective. We all know that without the base no building or any other thing in our life can be achieved, so here I will share will my fitness mantra which benefited me and so can benefit you all.

Here whatever I will share it’s my personal experience, as I personally believe that how it is painful to live a disease full life. I can understand the pain because I have been through a painful period in my life. So without any further delay lets get started.

The journey of being a healthy person

I am sharing a life experience of what I have observed and how I recovered, as a matter of fact, I decided to choose fitness as a blogging niche. Whatever I practiced it worked for me and I am very hopeful it will work for you too. When I was a 15-year-old boy I realized that my body was not growing like my fellow friends who are of my age, as they look physique wise I don’t look like them either.

I was very embarrassed with myself. And I did all the necessary thing that I can do to bring my health back on track but alas I failed every time I tried. I tried modern medicine, homeopathic and ancient herbs but none of them have given me any benefit, so I was down with depression and anxiety.

Can easily see my end was very near after that I have gone through different tests like HIV, typhoid, malaria and much more but the result was absolutely fine. This made me think there is something else which I need to figure out my problem more clearly and could look for the solution of the same. After going through a lot’s of professionally came with a solution thanks to Baba Ramdev.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Before 15 how I live can be shared some other day but after 15 my struggle with life or in other word survival to exist started.  I can tell you from my experience, that I’m a guy who feels ashamed even to hang out with friends. I was so much lean and thin that I even hate myself to stand in front of the mirror, on the other hand, my fellow mates use most of the time looking and smiling themselves before the mirror.

From childhood, I’m a huge fan of Salman Khan one of the leading Bollywood actor reason I love his physique as he is one of the first actors from Hindi cinema who breaks the trend and got the tag of a shirtless actor. In his almost all of the movies in the era when his fellow actor was quite comfortable in their skin and focused on either romance, action or thriller.

Change begins from inside

Whether you agree or not you got to feel confident from inside to show your body in front of the whole world, and he was indeed a confident man. I admire him most and also have a dream that one day I will also boast in front of my friends and go shirtless.

When all this was going through in my life, like most of the other person I took the wrong path. I was prone to sexual activity and watched porn whenever I am alone to overcome my fear and anger. I can see my end very near, then one day by accident I met a person an astrologer like all the other person I was interested in knowing my future and the life expectancy on the earth.


Life changing experience

You won’t believe it I was surprised when he said you will die at the age of 65 after all the other question and answer. That’s the first incidence of hope, I quickly said to myself wait life is not over, in fact, the journey of life starts from here. By virtue of that incidence soon I met Yog guru Baba Ramdev in Bhagalpur (Bihar) he was organizing a 3 day yoga shivir and I don’t want to miss the chance to see my hero, because I am following him from the past 5 years and practicing yoga and Pranayam with him by getting up early in the morning and switching to Astha channel between from 5 to 7:30 am.

Actually, by practicing yoga and Pranayam I started feeling a slight change in my life, like my immune system become stronger, physique improvement, depression and anxiety disappear, in short, positive energy fueled the inner body that reflected on the outer body.

Impact of yoga and Pranayam

I never cross 45 kg body weight mark but after practicing yogic exercise and pranayama and following a healthy lifestyle soon I gained some weight from 5 kg to 55 kg which is absolutely ideal body weight according to BMI index in accordance to my height.

I shall categorize my life into three stages in the first stage, I will share my pain, in the second all the struggle to overcome those pain and in the third and final part how you can avoid such pain and struggle in your life and live life healthy and disease free. The most important thing to take consideration is every human on this planet has the right to live a healthy and diastase free life.

Life expectancy of humans

The average life of humans on earth is 60 to 70 years that only 40 to 50 percent of humans lives and that too with lots of diseases. Disease and laziness as the two most destructive element and the biggest enemy of human life and in order to combat these two enemies you have to be proactive and follow the path that is right.

Remember the simple mantra in order to achieve something one has to pay something in return and I am asking your time 10 to 15 minutes in the morning to practice yoga and Pranayam and feel the change throughout the day.

Making a balance between and adopting good habits

The other important factor is choosing the right type of food at the right time and in the right quantity. The only commitment I want from all of my reader is bare with me and join me to live to live life healthy and disease free. We all have got only life and in this life, we have time for all the other things but not for ourselves and our health. Be your loyal friend and give some time to yourself to begin the change and become part of a healthy society.

Yoga as a part of life for a healthy lifestyle

Yoga is not just about breathing exercise or physical improvement of posture it is much more than that. It’s complete and one stop solution for all the problem that we face today. Reveal one by one all the problem and their solution. I guarantee you if you follow my method you will live a disease free life without any medicine.

My motive is clear if I can so can you. I want the whole nation to be united and create a disease free world. Stop paying for the expensive medicine mafia. You can use the hard earned money for different causes and in much social welfare program which I will not elaborate in this post.

I personally believe that human life rotates on three pillar food, money and health, on which food is directly associated with our health as you can notice, without good health how healthy and nutritious food you eat you will not get any benefit.

Conclusion or the takeaway

Make your foundation strong you will build a great life and most importantly you will live a disease free life, which is the not only motive behind writing this and all the other post.

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