Am i underweight by seekein

Am i underweight by seekein


Am i underweight

Am I underweight by seekein

Weight loss is a common and by ever means is the trending topic in the digital media platform, its good to lose weight and get in shape. But what about people who want to put on some weight as they are underweight. There are many videos and articles about putting on weight for the underweight people.

Identification for underweight

The identification process can be done by checking the person body mass index (BMI) around 18.5 or lower. The ratio of weight is directly associated with the height. For instance, a 5-foot 6-inch person weighing less than 50 kg can be considered to be thin or as underweight.

According to the report in Japan, around 2 percent of Japanese adults over the age of 18 are underweight. It can be easily overlooked as I stated earlier the focus and talk is all about obesity and growing weight then why should someone talk about this minimal amount. However, the percentage is rising from the previous report, which cannot be easily ignored. More so being underweight is not a good sign for the person either as they face equal treatment in the society and among their friends and family like the overweight.

However, women are more affected by this problem than men as they go through different life cycle changes from non-married one to the married one. They are easily affected by the syndrome of underweight after the birth of their children due to loose infertility. They are having the risk of disease losing infertility completely.

So the question arises how we are affected by underweight when we are living a healthy lifestyle. Oil can be used one of the factors for the significant contribution of calories in most of the diet we eat, and it can be easily found. One teaspoon of oil contains 100  to 120 calories which are more than enough. Compare it with some other food item like one banana, one apple, two oranges they have equal value of calories.


If you don’t want to lose weight, then it is very important to replace the cooking oil with the above food item, however, we cannot completely replace in fact control in the quantity we use. Some parts of the plant vegetables like starch in beans are not digested at all. 60 percent of calories in nuts have literally no impact on weight because of the dietary composition, it is hard to digest and fat burning. Simply by cutting down oil from your diet is also a dangerous sign, instead, go for the less oily food.

Do some exercise

Do some exercise on regular basis to activate the inner organs like liver to function properly. There are several weight gain exercise which can be done to gain the ideal weight. Another best method is to have a healthy diet chart and rich in calorie food on your table. The plant food makes us full sooner, we may not eat until we are hungry. Once you fix out your daily intake of food which is rich in calorie you can definitely plan your meals.

But what if having all the calorie food and all the vitamins in your diet. Even though if you continue to lose weight then you need to consult with your doctor as soon as possible for the better result.

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