Alzheimer’s treatment by seekein




Alzheimer’s treatment by seekein

Alzheimer is a mental disease that causes the problem in memory. The symptoms are developed slowly and slowly and it gets worse over the period of time, after that the stage comes when we can not complete our daily task. Alzheimer’s is the most common cause of memory loss. .It can be life-threatening if not handled in its initial stage.

The most common factor associated with Alzheimer is, it is found mostly in the people over the age of 60 years. It can be categorized as the lifestyle disease which grows slowly and slowly as our age. Alzheimer in past was common in old people, but now the situation altogether is different.

There is growth in 5 percent of the people between the age of 40 to 50 to be affected by the disease. The symptoms of Alzheimer gradually ruins our mental health, in the early stage memory loss is found to be very minimal, as the passing period people are affected by Alzheimer finds it difficult to carry the conversation and respond to their nature.

Alzheimer is the fifth leading cause of death in the united kingdom. There is no cause for Alzheimer as the modern medicine has not come to any conclusion to prevent Alzheimer. Though these are worldwide effort to prevent disease, the growth of disease is growing rapidly.

SYMPTOMS of Alzheimer.

The most common symptoms of Alzheimer is finding it difficult to remember the new thing. Just like our body, our brain also changes with the passage of time. When we are young our brain is more active and healthy and we can remember anything quickly, but with the passing of time, our brain function is affected.

Some common symptoms of Alzheimer are memory loss, confusion, finding it hard to remember new things, the problem with conversation, short-term memory loss, they have the tendency to forget very quickly and once learned new lessons they find it hard to remember.

They even have the problem in recognizing people whom they have not met for long, People forget their way to home also is the situation which causes of Alzheimer.  These are warning sign of Alzheimer. The brain consists of 100 billion nerve cells, called neurons each nerves cell is connected to other which forms the communication network.

Each nerve cell has got different function some are associated with thinking, some are with learning and remembering, other help in hearing and smell. Brain cell requires regular fuel in the formed oxygen for its operation to run smoothly.

They work in a chain and all the brain cell coordinates with one another to complete the task. They continue to throw out the wastage out of the brain like the information which is not useful for the brain. They provide the backup of their storage in our subconscious mind, which allows remembering thing quickly.

Treatment of the disease

  The treatment includes physical and mental exercise which gives enough oxygen to the brain. Our brain cell is damaged because of the lack of oxygen. If we raise the intake of oxygen in our brain then it will function properly, and save us from memory loss and Alzheimer. physical exercise includes running, workout, but the mental exercise has a more positive impact on the brain.

Mental exercise includes pranayama, dhyana etc Though Pranayam is a breathing exercise which is directly associated with the disease if we practice pranayama for 10 minutes in the morning empty stomach when the air is pure then it will have a direct impact on our brain cell.

It starts curing the brain cell by the proper intake of oxygen. Start the exercise immediately for the better health not only physically but mentally to become disease free.


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