All about cardiac arrest by seekein

All about cardiac arrest by seekein


All about cardiac arrest by seekein


All about cardiac arrest by seekein


We came to know about the cardiac arrest when Indian film industry leading actor died of sudden cardiac arrest. She died when she was only 54 years of age. Her husband and the elder brother of Anil Kapoor asked her for the surprise dinner party.

She went to the bathroom to take shower and found in the subconscious condition in the bathtub, her husband Boney Kapoor told the reporter he immediately informed the hotel administrative and asked for the immediate ambulance she was taken to the hospital where the doctor declared that she died.

The whole nation is in shock as they cannot believe of what has happened who ever listened the news thought of a bad joke it was as if like the director will say action and she will immediately get up start performing in the act. But alas it was not the case and the final pack up was there in her life and she left her sole and all her loved ones in deep shock. The whole nation wants to know about the deadly disease which took her life as she was a fitness freak.


The whole nation was shocked

Coming to her she along with her other family member were for the marrige ceremony of her nephew Akhil in Dubai. It was thouigh late night in India when this tragedy happened. Monday 26 february willbe remembered as a sad day in in indian history. Sridevi brother in law and another popular actor Mr Sanjay Kapoor conformed the report thereafter before finally turning to India.

We all are familar with with heart attack but least of us know about cardiac arrest which can be deadly as it is least expected and people does not look for the solution of the same. So the question arises what are the symptoms cardiac arrest? what is that cardiac arrest? why it occurs in human body? how can we take care of us? what are it’s early signs and symptoms so that we can treat it before it is too late.

Cardiac arrest all information

Cardiac arrest is the cause of certain obstruction in the heart function, breathing along with losing in consciousness takes place in the human body though it is less expected means it is very rare. But don’t go on the number as it is increasing.

Sudden cardiac arrest disturbs the function of heart which pumps blood regularly as it stops it from circulating blood to the other parts of the body. When the blood circulation stops for some time and the blood is obstructed then it brings to a certain death.

Our heart regularly pumps the blood to all the other parts and when it halted then the patient needs immediate medical attention, a slight delay in emergency treatment can bring to the end of life. Cardiac arrest is not like the same as the heart attack as it differs in a certain aspect.

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Cardiac arrest and heart attack difference

Many of us are wondering who is the follower of Sridevi that she was a classical dancer and she was the industry strong lady who continues for a workout and was fitness freak, then how she can die of sudden cardiac arrest although her age was also not barred for her death.

After the medical examination when the postmortem report came it is said that it was the reason of accidental drowning. But what about the person who was physically active and how can they come to a sudden cardiac arrest.

One of our top-level doctor of cardiology specialist revealed all about it who says that it does not matter that if a person who looks healthy and follows healthy lifestyle can also be influenced by the disease it is a shocking news for the medical team as well. It is the cause of blockage in the arteries which is not developed in one day. It’s the result of growing disease from the past which is knowingly or unknowingly ignored.

The doctor further stated that the though the word cardiac arrest is used very rarely. It is very rare in human, one of the most important causes of sudden cardiac arrest is a sudden bleeding in the brain also.  The question arises in her case was that was she regularly checking up her heart, was it suggested by her doctor or not.


Less awareness about the disease

There is less awareness in Indian masses about the cardiac arrest as one believe if one follows the healthy lifestyle and healthy diet, but we are also at same time unaware about the heart as what is happening in it.

It is very important to keep in mind that a cardiac arrest can happen even though there is no history of previous cardiac arrest. Even though the blockage in arteries gives symptoms only when it is up to 80 to 90 percent. Around 24 percent of people even though having a regular or severe blockage do not face any un-comfort.

Cardiac arrest differs from the heart attack. the heart attack causes due to the blockage in the coronary arteries which prevents the blood flow in the heart, and sudden cardiac arrest is occurred due to the sudden loss of heart functioning, breathing, and consciousness.

It can be the cause of electrical disturbance in the heart which disturbs the heart pumping, stops the blood flow to the other parts of the body. Some of the symptoms of cardiac arrest include:

Heart attack and cardiac arrest symptoms differ in men and women.

Some symptoms of heart attack and cardiac arrest are common on the other hand some of them differ also

Regular chest pain along with the symptoms of back pain, fatigue, pain in neck and shoulder, nausea

Artery blockage is common in man but they are rare in the woman though

The main difference between the men and women are women usually suffers from the high blood pressure during their pregnancy and throughout their lifetime. Menopause is another reason which usually puts women at a higher risk of the disease.

Risk element of the disease

There can be various lifestyle factors that raise the cardiac arrest some of the most important ones are

Living with high blood pressure and hypertension

Suffering from diabetes

Excessive smoking along with the excessive drinking of alcohol by the person

High level of cholesterol in the person body

Performing less physical activity, avoiding exercise

Being overweight, or suffering from the obesity


First aid is very important and it is also by far the best treatment for the disease. As soon as the patient suffers from sudden cardiac arrest then they need immediate medical treatment. Rush your nearest hospital where the medical team, can give the compression with the machine to make the heart function properly.

The defibrillator needs immediate treatment which compresses the chest if it is done at the right time then the survival chance is possible. Before taking the patient continue to pump the chest of the patient with both hands.

You also need to check your heart regularly and ask the doctor if there is anything wrong. If you are having the problem don’t waste time and start immediate treatment. Although first aid plays the major role in cardiac arrest case for the patient.

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