A quick guide to TUBERCULOSIS and its treatment

A Quick guide to Tuberculosis and its treatment

Need to think about Tuberculosis and how to conquer it? Tuberculosis is known as the disease of the past which by no means have its existence in the present, but despite all the effort, there is an increase in the number of Tuberculosis patients. That is the main reason why we celebrate 24 march as a Tuberculosis day all across the globe according to the World Health Organization(WHO) report.

The main objective of celebrating the day is to make people aware of the deadly disease, as having ignorance towards the disease can lead to life-threatening. Central and the state government is working regularly through its campaign about the awareness time after time. In most of the government hospitals, there is free of cost treatment of Tuberculous patients.

India is top of the list of the most number of death of Tuberculosis in the world

Speaking of the Tuberculosis World Health Organization says that among all the death in the world because of Tuberculosis, India is at the top of the list. The report can be shameful for all of us but the truth is in front of us. Interestingly (WHO) earlier in the year 2016 showed the data which is no different than the present report of 2018 as reviewed in January 2018. Despite all the effort, there is no change in data which is something to consider.

Why it is growing rapidly

According to the health specialist in the present time, people dying of AIDS is at the top of the list and TB death is second on the lust from all over the world. In the urban area pollution is the major cause of the growth of Tuberculosis.

The dust particles alongside the road and the construction work is the major reason for the increase in the number of Tuberculosis case. Apart from this most of the part of our country, we can view pollution level according to the news, putting New Delhi number one place in terms of pollution.

Government is determined to make India Tuberculosis free by 2025

The central government has the objective towards eliminating Tuberculosis, for this in Utter Pradesh in the past 6 months the government is working on the awareness among the people and making the patient disease-free. During this period 433 new case of TB has been registered.

Most of the patients don’t even know that they are suffering from Tuberculosis, although it was confirmed during the checkup. People who are suffering from TB unknowingly spread the bacteria in the environment in which they are living.

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Tb is the cause of bacteria

Tuberculosis the bacterial disease, which spread from one person to the other through the air. In the human body it starts from the diaphragm, and in our country, most of the cases of TB are of diaphragm disease. However other body parts in which TB is found are brain, uterus, mouth, liver, kidney, throat, bone is some other body parts which cause the disease.

According to doctors, it is spread through the air, like sneezing, in which a small drop of infection comes out of the TB patient and it infects other people. Although apart from the diaphragm TB other TB elements are not spread over the air.

A quick guide to TUBERCULOSIS and its treatment

How to save us from TB and what are the symptoms

TB bacteria damages the cell completely in which it is found and it affects the functionality. Like if one has a diaphragm TB then slowly and slowly the diaphragm of the patients becomes useless, likewise in uterus it affects the infertility of the women  and she cannot give birth to child anymore, if it is in bone than it dissolves the bone, if found in in the brain that person undergoes a migraine and several other brain problem, and if it is found in liver than the liver starts swelling.

How to find TB in the patient

The body part in which TB is found, the test is done accordingly. Like if one has diaphragm TB than the cough of the patient is examined and the test is free in the government hospital. If TB is not found in a cough (ballgame) than AAFB culture is tested, the report comes around in 6 month time. In the report, doctors come to know about how old is the TB disease, what it is the stage of their TB and whether the medicine will be effective. The government has a limit of Rs 2000 for the TB test in government hospitals. Likewise in the kidney (TB) urine culture test and for uterus (TB) survical swab leak test is done.

Precaution for Tuberculosis

In order to be TB free, boost your immunity.

The diet full of nutrition like (soybean, dal, fish, egg, panner) regularly.

Avoid yourself going to the crowded area as much as you can

Remain away from the dim light and avoid going to the dirty and dusty place

Maintain at least 1-meter distance between TB patient

Tuberculosis patients are advised to wear a mass every time when they are out

TB patients are allowed to pit in a plastic bag and mix phyniale in it before disposing of in the dustbin

Children are more prone to Tuberculosis

If a child is infected by TB than it can be life threatening the child, as a reason of which when a new baby is born immediately he/she is given BCG dose. However, if a child is infected by TB than it is spread all over the body of the child if it affects the brain than brain than it is known as mantis.

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