6 reasons you feel cold all the time

6 reasons you feel cold all the time seekein

6 reasons you feel cold all the time seekein


6 reasons you feel cold all the time – seekein


If you are among those people who frequently shiver with cold when actually no one around you feels cold. This can be because there are lots of issues that can lead to continuity of coldness in oneself. Our body relies on various chemical reactions occur to keep the body warm and when there is a significant deficiency of nutrients, then it may feel you cold.

The chemical reaction occurs naturally in the body, if there is a low or high level of chemical imbalance then it affects us from excessive cold or excessive heat when none of us feel the same. In our body if all elements are working are properly than our body does not suffer from this symptoms, but the deficiency can lead to losing the sensation of hot or cold. The major causes of this problems include 6 different factors.

1. Iron level in the body

Iron is one of the most important elements in the body, for its smooth functioning of organs. The nutrition element in the body helps the red blood cell to carry oxygen in the body.

It makes sure that each of the body cells works correctly. If there is any iron deficiency in the body, then it will have an impact on the whole body and one may feel cold or shiver with cold, even though no-one else faces cold.

We should have a proper food which is rich in iron content like green vegetables, milk, meat to improve the iron deficiency and help the body organs recover from iron deficiency.

2. Poor blood circulation

If you are among those people who have the problem of suffering cold only in the hands and foot of the body every time, then it is the symbol of poor circulation of blood in the body. And if you are suffering cold only in one side of the body, then it might be the case of heart disease which can be of alteroscelerous.

It should be treated immediately for its complete cure, and timely treatment is very important in this type of problem and if not treated on time can lead to a disastrous situation and people can even lose its life due to the problem.

3. Seasonal affective disorder

It is commonly known as SAD, it is caused because of depression, anxiety, stress, fatigue especially during the winter season. Health expert believes that seasonal affective disorder (SAD) affects the development of the body and one can easily be affected by cold during winter.

Proper care is very important in this case to avoid the impact of too cold in body and also at the same time look for the better treatment of depression, anxiety, stress, and fatigue to avoid any mishappening. It can also because of low immunity power of the human body which allow these symptoms to grow and have a negative effect on the body. The body reacts accordingly during these seasons and if our body suffers from this problem then it hard to recover easily.

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4. Not having proper sleep

Our body recovers from any ailments during the rest, when we are sleeping as the temperature of the body drops down when one avoids proper sleep or when one does not take proper sleep. Sleeping is also very for our nervous system to work properly as a lack of sleep affects the immunity of the human body and can easily be affected by any disease.

Sleeping is the process of giving rest not only to the body but also to our brain, which needs complete rest to work properly and lack of sleep can lead memory loss or develops anxiety, depression in the body.


Proper sleep allows the body mechanism to work properly and help the metabolism of the human body to function smoothly. Sleeping disorders or lack of sleep also is the outcome of the person not behaving properly and proper sleep not only makes the body to function properly but also raises the memory power and keep body and mind fresh.

5. Gender of the person

According to science and research have put an interesting fact in front of us, which tells that women’s feel slightly more colder than men. Most of us won’t believe it but the study shows during the experiment when a high heat-sensing camera was used to take a snapshot of the women’s body.

It was further resulted in on an average, women can though easily fight with hot weather, but when it comes during winter then most of the women have the impact of cold on the body as they feel slightly colder.

The gender of men and women also gives the data that women through use to hide this problem but the study shows the result which altogether hard to believe but has to believe it. Next time during the winter ask your loved one about the condition, you will get the answer if she is honest. Though not all of them suffer from this problem, on an average 4 out of 10 women suffer from this problem.

6. Body weight of the person

If a person is underweight, then the lack of body fat helps to insulate heat and keep the body warm and don’t let the person get affected by the cold. But on the other hand, if a person is overweight, then the heat is circulated mainly on the abdomen area and not on the hand or foot of the person which helps the person shiver in cold during the winter. Research has shown that the fatty person has a lower core of body temperature.

One must always look to maintain ideal body weight. Both underweight and overweight is not ideal for healthy people should avoid such condition. If a person is ideal for weight than the person will have less chance of falling victim to disease or suffer from cold even though people around does do not feel the same. Feeling cold in winter is one thing but feeling cold though it is not cold is very bad sign and people suffering from this problem should immediately sort it out before it is late.




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6 reasons you feel cold all the time seekein 1

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