20 best method to be healthy part 2 by seekein

20 best method to be healthy part 2 by seekein



20 best method to be healthy part 2 by seekein

Coming to health and fitness the secret of healthy living depends on many things, and all the three aspects of treatment from the ancient therapy in Yog and Ayurved, Homeopathic treatment to modern medicine. All have their importance.

So I decided to choose the selected item from any of them and share with you. The primary goal is to choose the best possible method to be healthy and disease free. As I personally believe that living a disease-free life is the right of every individual living on this earth. If we follow small changes in our life it will result in greater value for our overall health.

Today the whole world is surrounded by some lifestyle disease as well as some life-threatening disease.  Follow the 20 methods to be healthy of the remaining 10 in this post for overall health and Holistic wellness

11. Motivation when needed

This is the source which comes into play immediately when we are sad or when our day is not as productive as we planned. Having an emotional quote around works wonder for us, having a positive attitude person or even funny person is better, who can change all our negative energy into a  positive one. Always focus on positive image, quote or funny people rather than those quotes that make you sad.

12. Have time for relaxation

Being active is one thing but being involved in hectic work schedule can dissolve our energy. So whenever you get time just read some funny novel, enjoy with friends, play some music, do what you like the most. But remember it cannot be too long just 5 to 10 minute, it can reset you for the task at hand and you will feel much more energetic.

13. Eat your food properly 

What does it mean? well, it means whatever you eat it slowly and chew your food properly. Believe its a scientific phenomenon that a properly chewed food is digested very easily, and it saves us from many severe complications.

14. Practice Yoga

Yoga can give you some unbelievable benefits, which you can imagine. I do practice yoga in Pranayam and some stretching which takes only 10 to 15 minutes. It can set the tone for the complete day, you will feel much more energetic and be in a positive frame of mind throughout the day. Read my yoga post. http://www.seekein.com/yoga-and-health-by-seekein/

15. Never eat while watching tv

Eating while watching television makes us eat more than usual, as our focus is not on eating. A distraction like this can be very harmful to human body. Always switch off your tv or eat your food at the dining with the whole family. This will bring the whole family closer.

16. Avoid electronic equipment in the bed

Avoid all the electronic equipment when you are in the bed, instead, try a book in bed because whatever you read in bed your subconscious mind reacts accordingly. So choose the book which is closely associated with your career. You will have sound and peaceful sleep, try it.

17. Always maintain a good posture

You know the impact of maintaining a good posture, maintaining a good posture means your body hormones are developed in the right manner and your stress hormones will decline. Always stand straight, keeps backbone flexible.

18. Learn something new

The best to do so is read magazines which you like the most, try to learn new ideas from friends, videos e-book and all the digital platform which can bring so. Try something different means if you like cricket then try something like business magazines, something unique.

19. Play brain games

Brain games like chess, puzzle game and much more activate all your brain muscles, to think in that direction which can bring the overall development of your brain. According to study, we use only 30 % of the brain doing so will give an awesome result.

20. Smile and spread happiness

A smiling face is liked and loved by all, always have a smiling face you will notice that the world is so beautiful place to live in. So spread the joy of happiness, smile and bring a smile on others face. Which is so rare nowadays.

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