20 Best method to be healthy by seekein

20 Best method to be healthy by seekein

20 Best method to be healthy

20 Best method to be healthy by seekein

Living healthy is the right of every individual. It is directly associated with our willpower and determination to change ourselves for the betterment of our living. Being healthy or staying fit does not mean that you have to starve or make a drastic change in our daily life.

A small change here and there means a lot and it can give us an awesome result which we won’t believe. For this to occur we have to make a promise to yourself, where we want to see yourself at the age of 40, a healthy and fit person or dull, lazy and weak person.

The choice is ours, we are the creator of our life and the good thing or bad occurs according to our will thinking. We often commitment in our daily life to our boss, colleagues, family and much more whom we are associated, but do we make a promise to yourself in maintaining a good health. Look we have got only one life why not make it large. Below I am sharing my life experience and brought 20 tips to implement for the complete health, let us jump into it.

Get complete health by this 10 step next 10 in the next edition

1. Set small goals

Setting a goal is the first step to begin any work, without setting a goal we will move nowhere in life. Set a goal of running 1 kilometer daily than 5 kilometers or more in the beginning. Eat less oily food rather than completely avoiding it. The smaller goals, in the beginning, will set the tone for the bigger one.

2. Walk as much as you can

Try to make yourself get up early in the morning. If you go to work by bus, train or any other means of transport fix a target let suppose 100 meters and cover the distance walking. It will improve leg muscle and make the body flexible.

3. Try to avoid the lift

Try the stairs instead of a lift for instant fat burn and bringing strength to the lower part of the body. Its so rare nowadays people using stairs instead of a lift, but taking stairs can give us tremendous benefit.

4. Always compliment yourself

When we get up look yourself in the mirror, most of us do not bother how they are looking, but looking at the mirror and saying words like I am the best or some other complimentary words means a lot. It can set the tone for the rest of the day.

5. Enjoy the exercise

When we indulge in any physical exercise with half-hearted, then we can not the exercise for long and one day will come when we will stop doing it. Rather if we don’t like the exercise then try different exercise which we enjoy doing.

6. Follow healthy eating habits

Look today there are lots of articles, novels videos on healthy eating habits, just follow the which suits you the best. You will get regular updates on healthy eating habits and improve your diet.

7. Breakfast

Most of us knowingly or unknowingly avoid morning breakfast, which is a very bad habit. Give yourself some time and have a breakfast in the morning that will make you energetic and productive.

8. Sleep at least 6 hours

We all know about it but least of us follow the healthy habit of going to the at the right time. The right time to the bed means we are fresh in the morning for the workout.

9. Avoid dieting

Many of us try this method to keep ourselves in shape, but believe me this, not the right approach. Instead of dieting try eating less calory food, less sugar, in your diet and bring snakes in your table.

10. Don’t compare with others

We all have the tendency by nature that we usually compare ourselves with others. Remember no one is your competitor, you are the competitor of your own. Just set your personal goal and keep on pushing yourself to accomplish that goal. Inspiring is one thing and the comparison is another don’t ever compare yourself with others. Be what you are.



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